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Callaway Edge Review: Should You Buy These “Secret” Golf Clubs?

I’m a sucker for mystery, so when an email showed up in my inbox from Rick Shiels that mentioned “Secret golf clubs” from a big brand I couldn’t help but click.

And if you’re reading this review, you probably already know by now: those secret golf clubs were the Callaway Edge.

Let’s start with addressing that mystery element that got my click.

Callaway Edge Full Set

Why are the Callaway Edge considered a “secret”?

It may seem that Rick was being a bit hyperbolic. But while the title was a little clickbaity it was kind of true.

Because here’s the thing:

You won’t find Callaway Edge anywhere on Callaway’s website. And you won’t find them in most golf stores either.

It seems that they were originally sold exclusively through Costco, although recently we’ve also found them for sale on Amazon.

There’s been no promotion. No press releases. No pro endorsements. Just a full set of Callaway golf clubs (including driver) for at least half the price of a regular set of Callaways, quietly pushed out to the golfing world. Considering the marketing bonanza that normally goes into a new golf club launch, this seems a little odd.

Almost like Callaway are embarrassed by the clubs.

But if that is the case it definitely shouldn’t be. Because it turns out Callaway Edge is a darn fine set of affordable golf clubs.

Here’s what you get.

What’s included in the Callaway Edge set

For the purists, a “full set” of golf clubs would be 14 clubs as that’s the maximum number of golf clubs you can carry in your bag.

With the Callaway Edge you don’t get 14, you get 11 (including the putter). But I’d still consider it to be a full set, as let’s be honest, as a high handicapper or beginner do you really need (or use) 14 clubs?

Buy the Callaway Edge and you’ll get:

  • Titanium Driver with head-cover
  • 3-Wood with head-cover
  • 5-Hybrid with head-cover
  • 4 Cavity back Irons (6–9i)
  • 1 Pitching wedge
  • 1 Sand wedge
  • 1 Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter with SuperStroke grip and head-cover

There are two things that leap out there:

Firstly, even a cheap driver is going to set you back $200. And this isn’t a cheap looking (or performing) driver.

Secondly Odyssey putters retail for $100-$150. So once you factor in the bag (a decent golf bag will set you back at least $75) it’s almost like you’re getting the irons for free.

It’s a ridiculously low price.

What’s missing from the set?

I don’t think you’ll need to add anything at the distance end. But I’m a fan of a 4 wedge setup, so I’d consider purchasing a gap wedge to fill in the distance between pitching and sand wedge, and a 58 degree wedge for lob shots. Check out our guide to the best wedges for high handicappers here.

If you really need to carry 14 clubs (although trust me you don’t) I’d maybe add a 4 hybrid.

In Detail: The Callaway Edge Set

Now let’s dig into a bit of detail on the clubs themselves.

The Callaway Edge driver

callaway edge driver

I mentioned above that this is no cheap looking driver.

In fact put it side-by-side with the Callaway Mavrik, or a Ping G410 (two of our picks for the best drivers for high handicappers) and it’s not going to look out of place.

Callaway say it’s an oversize head, which just means that it’s the big style you’ll see on most modern drivers. So we wouldn’t really say that’s “oversize” these days, it’s just standard.

Materials wise, it’s made from titanium which is nice and lightweight and should help you pick up a bit of speed. The (graphite) shaft is also pretty feathery, so again, slower swingers will find they get a bit of extra whip, and hopefully some more distance.

Loft is 10.5 degrees. To be honest, as Callaway Edge is aimed at beginners, we’d have liked to see this increased to 12 degrees (more loft = less slice) but the low center of gravity should help you get a higher launch.

But all in all, this is a great driver for beginners and higher handicappers.

Callaway Edge 3 wood

Again, the Callaway Edge 3 wood has a low center of gravity that’s going to help you get the ball up in the air and launching towards the target.

Generally in golf terminology (you’ll see the phrase used a lot), a low center of gravity means the club is going to be easier to hit.

There’s also perimeter weighting that should help to straighten out your ball flight. No point hitting the ball further if it’s flying 50 yards offline.

And like the driver, you’ll get a graphite shaft.

Callaway Edge hybrid

Hybrids are designed to replace traditional long irons and to be easier to hit.

In the Callaway Edge set, you’ll get a 5 hybrid with 25 degrees of loft instead of a 5 iron. The head is reasonably compact, but has plenty of forgiveness, so for longer approaches (or even off the tee if you need a fairway finder) it’s going to serve you well.

And like the 3 wood and driver, it sure looks the part.

Callaway Edge irons review

Callaway Edge Irons

The Callaway Edge iron setup is 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW.

Unsurprisingly, they’re all cavity backs and like most game improvement clubs they’re designed to be ridiculously easy to hit and to get the ball up in the air.

The faces are pretty forgiving on off center hits, which means dispersion should also be tighter, and catching a shot a little off the toe shouldn’t result in too many lost yards.

While not quite at the forgiveness (and distance) level of Ping G410 or TaylorMade’s impressive SIM max, if you’re currently gaming cheaper (or older) irons you’ll find the Callaway Edge a solid step up.

Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter

Normally on a “full” set of clubs you’ll see a putter that’s branded to be the same as the rest of the set. It’s going to be the very definition of “no frills”.

But here Callaway have thrown in an Odyssey putter.

And in case you don’t know about Odyssey, they’re making some of the best putters on the market right now. Pros such as Marc Leishman, Kevin Na, and Webb Simpson have all won on the PGA tour this year with Odyssey putters in their hands.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro is designed to be super stable, which if you tend to push or pull your putts (I’m a puller) is going to help you to sink more of those awkward 3 and 4 footers.

In a nutshell: this is a great putter and the fact it’s included in the Callaway Edge set is a HUGE plus.

Any negatives?

We’re not seeing a huge amount to be down on with Callaway Edge.

If you’re a high handicapper they’re definitely going to help your game. And if you’re a beginner you’re not going to find a better set of clubs at this price point. Sure, you can pick up a really cheap set, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

The only thing I would say is if budget isn’t a concern, then it would be worth forking out for a set of Ping G410 or TaylorMade SIM Max and getting properly fitted. Callaway Edge is an “off the shelf” buy, so if you’re tall or short then they might not be the right fit for you.

But in saying that, you could also get them adjusted (shortened or lengthened and lie angles changed) after purchase, so it’s no deal breaker.

And finally, as I mentioned above, I’d probably think about adding a couple of extra wedges to your bag. 11 clubs is plenty to get you out on the golf course, but to fill in the gaps in the scoring zone you’ll probably need at least one more wedge.

Summary: A great choice for high handicappers and beginners

If you’re looking for a set of game improvement clubs that will help you lower your scores, then Callaway Edge are a great choice.

It’s a “full set” for not a lot of money, and they look great too. And as they are “secret” clubs just tell your golf buddies that you paid over $1,500 for a custom fit and they’ll never know 😉

Check out Rick Shiels video review below. Or if you’re looking for a super affordable set of clubs, read our Callaway Strata review.

Update, May 2023: Callaway Edge are still available (and a solid choice), but you may now get better value for money with a used set of Callaway irons (you can buy them direct from Callaway here). Alternatively for an affordable full set of clubs Strata, which is owned and manufactured by Callaway, has a full set for between $400 and $600 depending on which configuration you go for.

Should you buy the Callaway Edge set?
  • Forgiveness
  • Distance
  • Ease of launch
  • Value for money


If you’re looking for a set of game improvement clubs that will help you lower your scores, then Callaway Edge are a great choice. It’s a “full set” for not a lot of money, and they look great too. And as they are “secret” clubs just tell your golf buddies that you paid over $1,500 for a custom fit and they’ll never know 😉

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46 thoughts on “Callaway Edge Review: Should You Buy These “Secret” Golf Clubs?”

  1. Hi. I am an absolutely beginner with 1,83m. At costcos there are only the womens club available. Can i also buy These as a man or should i wait for a new offer for men Till Spring?

    • Hi Chris, I’d hang fire until the men’s clubs are available. I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t seen the women’s Edge, but generally they will be graphite shafts and the lofts will be different to the men’s clubs. At your height they would definitely be too short for you too unfortunately.

      • Hi David, I bought the Costco Edge set a couple days ago, tried on the driving range. I dented the driver in the first a couple swings. Never had this experience before. My previous driver was a Mitzuno St180. What do you think the reason this Edge driver so easy got dented? Will these dents affect anything? Trying to determine if I should return the set or not.

        • Hi Chris, sorry to hear that – it’s not a problem I’m aware of with the Edge, they’re pretty solidly constructed. I’m assuming it was the ground that dented the club, not just impact? Were you hitting off a mat? If so, I’d recommend hovering driver on the range (and generally that’s what I do). But probably worth asking Callaway if they’ll swap the driver as their customer service is pretty solid (I know you bought from Costco, but it’s a Callaway club).

          • The irons look a lot like the old Callaway hot, x2hot irons. Would make sense, rebrand an older iron and only release it to Costco with spending zero money on advertising or hype.

      • Callaway Edge
        Hi David, I am 5’6″. I read somewhere that these are ideally from 5’7″. Would 1″ make a big difference?

          • Hey David,
            I am 5’8’’, but I have longer arms, standing straight my wrist hang about 31.5 inches off the floor. I just got this set and am extremely excited to try them out, but I believe that I should get these clubs trimmed an inch. What do you think?

          • yes, you’d probably want a bit off (but maybe start with half an inch). Bear in mind that will also make the staff a touch stiffer.

  2. Hi David.

    I was lucky enough to be able to purchase a set of the Callaway Edge clubs from Costco a few months back and they have been a treat to use so far, i am now looking to purchase a couple wedges to compliment the set.

    Do you have any recommendations of wedge lofts and would there be any benefits to getting my existing Edge set fitted for length, loft and lie.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi John, glad to hear you’re enjoying using the Callaway Edge. Generally I’d recommend going for a 58 degree as it’s a little easier to hit than a 60. You might also want to squeeze in a 48 or 50 degree gap wedge too as there’s quite a big gap between the Edge PW and SW. I bought a 58 degree Cleveland CBX 2 recently and have found it to be very versatile, and controllable. Review on it here Good luck with your game!

  3. Hi David,
    I have just purchased these and after reading reviews and your article I’m look forward to my first round with these. I am pretty much a complete beginner, only ever played a round of golf a few times in my life. You mentioned about people that are tall possibly struggling. This may sound a silly question but I’m 6’1, do you think my height may hinder me with these clubs?

    • Hi Nick, standard lengths I think are designed for around 5’11, so they’re probably slightly shorter than optimal. But I wouldn’t worry about it at this stage – you’ve got your hands on a great set of clubs. Enjoy the golf journey 🙂

    • The women’s irons have graphite shafts (steel shafts on the men’s irons)

      ETA: I know a guy who games women’s irons and swears by them, so if that’s what you do have and they’re working, then don’t sweat it.

      • FYI David that at the time of your response, the men’s clubs are graphites now too in this line (they were steel when Rick made his video).

          • Fair enough – the ones from Costco have been updated to graphite. No biggy though. And thanks for the tips above you gave to John – I just bought the new 58° and 50° Cleveland CBX 2 in black with graphite shafts to fill in the gaps. Cheers.

  4. Looking to buy them as a Christmas gift… he is 6’2, not so much a beginner anymore just looking for a step up from the ones he has. Still learning though. Would these be too short?

  5. Does anyone know why there is not a 5,4, and 3 iron in this set? Is it normal to replace them with woods and hybrids now? Was looking to get these clubs and are they the best buy?

    • Hi Jimmy, the 5 hybrid replaces the 5 iron. 4 irons and 3 irons are not that common these days (certainly 3 irons anyway) and would be replaced by hybrids in most bags. For the price, they’re great clubs.

      With the above being said… I personally carry an ancient, beaten up 4 iron in my bag, just because it happens to be one of my favourite clubs.

  6. Hi David I am currently a 16 handicapper and I have an old set of Ping G15 blue and I am in the market for a new set of clubs…. I like the price but I m not sure whether I qualify as a high handicapper… would the Callaway Edge be suitable ?

    • Hi Paddy, you’re at the higher end of mid handicap range I would say, but it probably depends on how your overall game is (i.e. you could be a good ball striker, but not great round the greens… like me!). If you like to work the ball, you might want to look at a different option. But if you have a stock shape and are looking for easy launch they’re in the same “family” as Ping G410 and Callaway’s own Mavrik Max (although not quite hitting the same standard).

  7. Bought a set on line from Costco in October. It says 2018 on the box. Is there a newer version and why would they be selling an older model? Is there any difference?

  8. Hi I purchased these from Costco last week and added 3 Kirkland wedges for good measure. I went to my club I m a 21 handicap ( well I was) having not won a competition for over a year. I won with the 1st game with them and came 2nd both times with the next two games. Also I normally lose 2/ 3 balks around.well 3 rounds with the same ball never been done before. 54 perfect tee shots. What every they have done it’s fixed my game and so far very happy with my clubs including the Kirkland wedges.

    • If you don’t mind me asking how much for the set at Costco? I’m not a member and was wondering how there price compares to Amazons at $800 for what I believe is the equivalent set.

  9. Anything would be an upgrade from my late 1980s set, but the Edge clubs were incredible yesterday. Boomed the drives, and 1st time using a hybrid club worked perfect. I may keep my old putter though. Highly recommend.

  10. The going rate for these clubs is now $800 – $900, due to increased demand after this review and others like it. Are these still a good buy/value at this price?

    • Hi Robert, still a good price for a quality set of Callaway clubs. The driver alone would probably set you back $250.

  11. Hi David,

    I’ve been looking for a new set of clubs and I’ve come across these. I see all of these people talking about Costco and the price of the clubs. I got in Costco’s website and can’t find anything about them and also can’t find the green ones that I’ve seen. I can only see a yellow color for about $300 more than what I’ve seen the green ones go for.

    Did I miss the window because I was very interested?

    • Hi Chase, I don’t think Costco has them anymore (they may restock at some point), but you can still pick them up on Amazon.

  12. I just bought a woman’s set of these on Costco website because they only had the men’s set in store. Excited to play with them when they arrive.

  13. Hi David, I’ve just bought a set of men’s Callaway Edge from for $550 US$ and looking forward to trying them out. My question for you is at 5’8” should they be shortened and more specifically to what length?

    • Hi Luke,

      I’d try them out first and see how they feel. But if you feel they are too long I’d start with taking half an inch (or even a quarter inch) off. You can always take off more, but can’t add it back on!


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