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Carl’s Place Golf impact screens and enclosures for simulators

Carl’s Place Golf is one of the leading golf simulator stores online. And if you’ve already been to their store (here) and browsed their prices, it’s easy to see why. 

If you’re looking to build a golf simulator in your spare room, garage or even shed, they have everything you need regardless of whether you’re looking for a package deal, or building on a DIY basis. 

Of all the things Carl’s Place has to offer, the best value lies with their impact screens and enclosures, a good chunk of change cheaper than enclosures and screens offered elsewhere.

In summary, which Carl’s Place screen or enclosure setup should you choose?

There are essentially 3 enclosure and hitting screen options offered by Carl’s Place. And which one you pick is going to depend on budget, but also, the golf simulator room size you have to work with.

That’s the short version. Skip to the relevant section below to read the long & boring version!

Carl’s Impact Screen

Simulator enclosures are big, and they’re expensive. A DIY golf enclosure is likely to cost in the $1,800-$2,000 depending on the size and additional extras you choose. And a PRO C-Series enclosure is going to set you back around $3k and beyond.

So if you’re building a DIY simulator on a tight budget or in a small space, you’re going to want Carl’s Impact Screen, coupled with their side barrier net extensions; it’s going to save you a ton of money.

You’ll see over at Carl’s Place Golf that there are 3 options for screen material: Standard, Preferred and Premium. With each step up, you’ll see a slight increase in the image projected from your launch monitor, as well as durability (although all their hitting screens withstand shots of up to 250 mph).

Projector screen material wise you’re simply dictated by budget, and in the lower screen sizes, this is how the difference in price is going to look:

  • Standard: $244.95
  • Preferred: $399.95
  • Premium: $589.95

Want to read more about screens before making a purchase? There’s a more detailed guide we wrote specifically covering golf impact screens here.

Best golf impact screen for 2023
Carl’s Place Impact Screen
Carl’s Place Impact Screen
Our pick for the best golf impact screen for golf simulators and home use in 2023.
Buy the Carl's Place impact screen
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Carl’s DIY Golf Enclosure

If you have both the budget and the space, Carl’s DIY golf enclosure and impact screen is where our money would be going. It’s the perfect middle ground between a basic impact screen and side netting setup, and their Pro C-Series enclosure.

I know what you’re thinking, what does a DIY enclosure actually mean, since none of them come pre-built?

Essentially, it’s just a case of choosing from the options listed here such as:

  • Enclosure and impact screen size
  • Screen material
  • Extras such as: safety baffles, net extensions, back cover kit, foam insert kit and more…

And unless you plan to go to Home Depot, buy EMT pipes and cut them to size, you’ll need to click the “pipe framing kit” option too.

Using their clickable tool for DIY golf enclosures, you’ll be able to build one at Carl’s Place Golf for under $2,000.

Looking for more advice on your build? Read our guide to building a DIY simulator here.

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Carl’s C-Series Enclosure
Carl’s C-Series Enclosure
Grab our pick for the best simulator enclosure in 2023.
Get the C-Series enclosure
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Carl’s Premium / PRO C-Series Simulator Enclosure & Screen

Carl’s Pro C-Series enclosure and impact screen is really luxury/commercial grade. 

Not only is everything above and beyond what you need for a home golf simulator, the sizes on offer are much bigger than your average home simulator is going to require (or need, given a lot are built in small spaces like offices, spare rooms, garages and sheds).

If you’ve got a BIG budget or are looking to open a golf simulator business, this is going to be for you. 

Carl's Premium Golf Enclosure
Carl’s Place Pro C-Series Enclosure
Carl’s Place Pro C-Series Enclosure
A premium golf simulator enclosure and impact screen from Carl's Place Golf
View the PRO enclosure
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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