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GCQuad golf launch monitor: 2023 price, specs & alternatives

Considering buying the Foresight GCQuad as a stand alone golf launch monitor, or for running a home golf simulator? 

This review covers everything you need to know including: measurements it takes, launch monitor prices, specs, and the add-ons that Foresight offer.

In summary: is the GCQuad the right launch monitor for you?


GCQuad is a serious pro-level golf launch monitor, for golfers who need precisely accurate feedback on their golf swing, impact conditions, ball flight, and distances.

Accuracy is comparable to the industry leading Trackman in the first three categories (swing, impact, ball flight). And while not quite matching Trackman (which tracks the ball through full flight) on distance, the GCQuad runs it incredibly close.

For those looking to use the GCQuad in a golf simulator setup it’s a big step up in accuracy when compared to mid range launch monitors such as SkyTrak.

Put simply, if you have a budget of $14,500 (or, $25K for a full simulator setup) which is the price inclusive of FSX software, the GCQuad launch monitor is where you need to be at

The Foresight GCQuad golf launch monitor is as close to Trackman as you’ll get, but is almost half the price.

Best overall launch monitor in 2023
Foresight GCQuad
Foresight GCQuad
Foresight's top-of-the-line GCQuad is our pick for both the best stand-alone launch monitor this year, and the best launch monitor for use in a home golf simulator setup.
Check Price (GCQuad Only)Check Price (GCQuad simulator setup)
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Top sim stores offering the GGQuad for sale

With such a big purchase, we’d always suggest visiting retailers and comparing prices. With the GCQuad sitting close to $14k (base price), and simulator cost rising to $25k and beyond, even a 1% discount could end up saving you hundreds of dollars!

Online storeWebsite
Carl's PlaceCarl’s Place Golf (best value)
The Indoor Golf Shop Shop Indoor Golf
Top Shelf Golf Top Shelf Golf
Rain or Shine Golf Rain or Shine Golf

What is the Foresight GCQuad?

GCQuad is the top-of-the-line monitor from Foresight Sports, and the successor to their popular (and in many ways game changing) GC2.

While the GC2 was certainly impressive — particularly in terms of accuracy — it was somewhat limited as a launch monitor as it only captured ball data (i.e. speed, angle, spin, distance).

The Foresight Sports GCQuad launch monitor on the other hand uses Quadrascopic imaging (4 cameras) which allows it to capture both ball and club data. So with a GCQuad you’ll get stats for swing path, clubhead speed, attack angle etc — basically every stat you’ll ever need to know about your swing.

And that’s not all. The GCQuad compared with the old GC2 has a:

  • swappable battery with expected 6-8 hour battery life
  • far greater connectivity such as WiFi, USD and Ethernet
  • free alignment stick
  • vastly expanded ball capture area; 6x the size of the ball capture area featured on the old GC2
  • Compatibility with Android and iOs.

These impressive additions earned GCQuad a Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award for three consecutive years. And it has come to be trusted by PGA professionals and tour pros such as Rickie Fowler and Francesco Molinari. Turn on the Golf Channel and you’ll see Martin Hall using a GCQuad in his demonstrations.

The GCQuad can be used as a stand-alone, fully portable launch monitor, or as part of a simulator setup.

GCQuad price: how much can you expect to pay?

Launch monitor only

gcquad launch monitor

The GCQuad price will vary from supplier to supplier, and will depend on which add-ons are included. It’s important to read below, as some units might look cheap. But it’s likely they come WITHOUT the FSX software license, which means you won’t be able to use it in a simulator setup (if that’s what you plan to do).

Expect to pay $11,000 for the base unit with no add-ons. The FSX license costs $3,000 (so $14,500 total).

The two big optional extras are:

  • Club head measurement add-on (costs $4,000)
  • Essential Putting Analysis (costs $2,500).

Most buyers go for the club head measurement add-on and FSX license, taking the total to $18,000.

And if you want to access the putting analysis, your total will run to $21,000.

You can check how prices vary by using the drop down calculator listed here.

Golf simulator setup

GCQuad simulator setup

While the GCQuad is portable and can be used as a stand alone launch monitor, most buyers will be looking to include it in a golf simulator setup.

A golf simulator utilizing a GCquad launch monitor is going to cost in the region of $22,000. Prices are likely to rise to around $26,000 with the club head add-on and $28,000 with the putting analysis add-on.

If you jump over to our DIY golf simulator guide you’ll find a couple of ways to help reduce the cost of your GCQuad sim.

Build your DIY GCQuad sim and save $
Use Carl's Place's clickable tool, build your GCQuad golf simulator and get a price on screen in 60 seconds. Or, explore discounted Foresight golf simulator packages here.
Build a GCQuad Sim
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

GCQuad reviews & awards

You’ve probably seen reviews on big digital golf magazines, like Golf Digest. And, we couldn’t find a bad word said about the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor; it’s touted as one of the best launch monitors for the money, and it is. 

So, what awards and reviews of the GCQuad are worth mentioning?

  • Won Golf Digest’s Editor’s Award three times
  • A recent review, meant it bagged Golf Monthly’s Editor’s Choice Award (that’s 2 years in a row)
  • TaylorMade Golf like Foresight Sports so much, their European HQ runs with a GCQuad to assist with product launches
  • Rick Shiels even decided to use the GCQuad as the center piece of his golf simulator studio (see video below)
  • The PGA Tour announced in July 2023 that Foresight Sports would be their partner for both simulators and launch monitors such as the GCQuad

How the GCQuad compares to the Foresight GC3 & Trackman

We’re massive fans of the Foresight GCQuad golf launch monitor. However, there’s no doubt there are two other launch monitors that are probably on your short list right now, and rightly so.

Whether you’re looking to use the GCQuad as a standalone launch monitor or as part of a home golf simulator; the somewhat legendary Trackman, and Foresight’s new GC3 simply can’t be ignored.

Foresight GCQuad vs Trackman

TrackMan 4

First, let’s weigh up the GCQuad vs Trackman.Where does the huge difference in cost come from? 

Put simply, the Trackman launch monitor uses a doppler radar system which is really as close to perfect as you can get. On the other hand, the GCQuad uses a quadrascopic camera (which is where the name comes from). The doppler system used in the Trackman in summary, tracks the actual ball flight and is going to be slightly more accurate.

But on the flip side, the club data tends to be a little better on the GCQuad, as the Trackman focuses more on flight data. And that’s why you’ll see a lot of Trackman launch monitors being used on golf ranges, whereas the Foresight launch monitor is usually the choice for a home simulator setup.

Foresight can’t make any excuses here, the Trackman does edge the Foresight GCQuad. But, you’re adding somewhere in the region of $5,000-10,000 to your setup using a Trackman. In our eyes, what you’ll gain there simply isn’t really worth the extra cash, so we’d go for the Foresight GCQuad.

GC3 vs GCQuad

This section is made easier by the fact that Foresight themselves actually have a detailed comparison chart where you can compare the GCQuad vs GC3 directly. And there’s a clear difference between the features (and data) you’ll get in a GCQuad vs a GC3.

Here is their comparison chart:

comparison chart for the gc3 and gcquad launch monitors.

Rounding up the chart, the GC3 lacks in almost every single area (although it is nearly half the price). In addition to everything the GC3 has, the GCQuad by comparison has:

  • Club data: face angle, impact location and closure rate
  • Putting analysis
  • A large hitting zone (18″ x 14″ compared with the GC3’s 7″ x 10″)
  • 4 quadrascopic cameras (the GC3 has 3)
  • Interchangeable battery
  • Premium display (suitable for outdoors and indoors)
  • Ground stabilizing bracket
  • Bluetooth
  • An extra 1 year warranty (2 years in total)
  • An extra 1hr battery life.

Now that’s not to say the GC3 launch monitor is a bad one, it’s one of the best in its price range (under $10,000). However, you’re giving up HUGE amounts of tracking data with the GC3 in comparison to the GCQuad.

Best overall launch monitor in 2023
Foresight GCQuad
Foresight GCQuad
Foresight's top-of-the-line GCQuad is our pick for both the best stand-alone launch monitor this year, and the best launch monitor for use in a home golf simulator setup.
Check Price (GCQuad Only)Check Price (GCQuad simulator setup)
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

What measurements does the GCQuad take? (and how does it work)

The GCQuad uses Quadroscopic imaging to take over 200 pictures of a golf shot through the impact zone. This 4 camera setup allows the GCQuad to capture impact from multiple angles, measure exactly what is happening through the hitting zone, and to precisely calculate how the ball will fly.

Where the GCQuad has the edge on Trackman is that this unique camera setup also allows it to capture the actual clubface at impact (something Trackman can’t do). However to take advantage of this (and the additional measurements), you’ll need to purchase the club add-on ($3,000 for the software license).

Let’s take a look at those measurements, both standard and with the club add-on.

GCQuad measurements (as standard)

  • Ball speed
  • Angles for horizontal and vertical launch
  • Spin (including side spin)
  • Carry distance

GCQuad measurements (with the “club” add-on)

GCQuad club add on
  • Smash factor
  • Club path
  • Impact angles for lie and face
  • Attack angle
  • Loft at impact
  • The location of impact on the club face

The license for the club add-on may seem expensive. But that extra tracking capability, along with what’s already there as standard, gets this as close to a Trackman as you can get without doubling your budget.


We’ve already mentioned two add-ons (club measurement and FSX license). The other add-on available with all GCQuad launch monitors is Essential Putting Analysis. The question is, do you need it?

Essential putting analysis

Essential Putting Analysis on the GCQuad is currently priced at $2,500, so whether or not you choose to buy it, might be a question of budget. If you do have the budget and want to improve your green game, then here’s what you can expect…

You’ll be getting real time tracking, measurements, and data which is inclusive of post-shot ball impact. Key analysis includes skid measurements and roll distance. 

essential putting analysis

The full list of available measurements from the Essential Putting Analysis add-on includes: 

  • Club path and speed
  • Attack angle
  • Impact location and lie
  • Velocity of the ball 
  • Horizontal launch direction and vertical launch angle
  • Total spin (including tilt axis, side spin and back spin)
  • Smash factor

Which is pretty comprehensive.

What your purchase includes

As we mentioned above, check what’s included from each individual supplier. If you get caught out without a club measurement add-on, expect to pay a further $3000-4000 for it. No FSX license? You’re looking at $3000 too. Essential Putting analysis, the least essential of the add-ons, is around $2,500.

So, if you’re building a Foresight golf simulator setup, you’ll want to check the GCQuad (or, the golf simulator it’s bundled in with) includes the FSX license and club measurement add-ons a minimum. You can check how the package price varies by using the drop down menu here

As standard with any GCQuad for sale, you’ll get: 

  • A long 2-year warranty
  • Essential power cables, adapter and USB-C cable
  • Alignment stick
  • Club marker dispense

Specifications and compatibility 

The GCQuad launch monitor is small (7” x 4” x 12.5”) and light (3.8kg). The lithium ion battery can be easily swapped out, and you should expect battery life in the 6-8 hour range.

For post session analysis, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS.

FSX software

The FSX Software from Foresight allows you to access their network, building your skillset in single player mode, or allowing you to compete against others in competitions across the globe. And, you’ll be doing that on the best courses, in 4K resolution.

FSX includes a driving range, features that allow club fitting, and 5 top courses.

Ready to find a GCQuad for sale?

If you have $50k+, Trackman is still the most accurate launch monitor, although GCQuad’s accuracy runs it incredibly close. And, if you’re on a budget of under $10k, you can get a full golf simulator setup from the likes of SkyTrak

All things considered, at less than half the price of Trackman, the GCQuad from Foresight Sports is worth every cent of the $14k price tag.

Best overall launch monitor in 2023
Foresight GCQuad
Foresight GCQuad
Foresight's top-of-the-line GCQuad is our pick for both the best stand-alone launch monitor this year, and the best launch monitor for use in a home golf simulator setup.
Check Price (GCQuad Only)Check Price (GCQuad simulator setup)
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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