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The 6 Best Golf Bags In 2020 [Cart + Stand]

Looking for a new golf bag? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed dozens of bags from this year’s ranges and whittled down our selection to the top 6 golf bags in 2020.

We’ve got 3 golf cart bags and 3 stand bags to choose from.

Should You Buy A Golf Cart Bag Or A Stand Bag?

The simple answer is if you use a golf push cart, you should probably buy a cart bag, while if you prefer carrying your golf clubs on your shoulders you’ll want a stand bag. Cart bags don’t have the fold out legs, so while you can just about balance them between shots, I wouldn’t recommend it!

Should You Buy A Bag That’s The Same Brand As Your Clubs?

It’s a personal choice. But unless, you’ve signed an endorsement deal…

…then we don’t really think it matters. I’ve currently got Ping Irons, a Ping G400 driver, and a Callaway putter in my TaylorMade bag. It doesn’t bother me one bit.

Let’s dive into the reviews.

This Year’s Best Golf Cart Bags

Here are our picks for the best golf cart bags in 2020.

1. Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer

callaway org 14 cart bag

Founders Club might not be a brand name you recognize, but without doubt they’ve created one of the best golf bags this year.

If you’re anything like me then after a couple of holes using standard golf club dividers, your wedges are mixed in with your long irons, and your driver is nestling against your putter.

Not so with the Founders Club Premium Bag.

The 14 way organizer at the top means you’ve got a separate slot for every club in your bag, while the anti-rattle padding in the slots will protect your clubs during your round. The sound of rattling clubs in the trunk of your car will be a thing of the past.

Storage wise, you’ll get an incredible 10 zipper pockets including an insulated pocket for keeping your drinks cool, a lined valuables pocket (big enough for your phone), and a pocket for balls and tees. There’s also a glove holder and a nylon loop for attaching wire brushes or other accessories.

While the bag is primarily designed for using on a cart, if you do choose to carry it there’s plenty of padding on the strap, and the included rain cover fits snugly without having to first move your irons out of the way.

All in, a great looking, high quality golf bag, at an affordable price.

2. TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag

taylormade golf select cart bagThis is my current bag, purchased by my wife last Christmas when she got fed up looking at my old tatty Wilson stand bag lying prone on the golf course.

I’ve been more than happy with the bag.

Just like the Founders Club, there’s a slot for every club in the top divider. For your putter, there’s even a separate well with a TPE insert to protect the shaft from scratches.

The TaylorMade Select is pretty lightweight for a cart bag. My home course is somewhat hilly, so I definitely notice the decrease in weight while pushing my cart up to the plateau on the 5th fairway. But while the bag feels light, the material is highly durable and will keep your clubs safe and dry.

Storage wise, 7 pockets provide plenty of space.

An excellent golf cart bag, which looks the part on the course.

Just don’t leave it out in the snow like I did….

3. Callaway Golf 2020 Org 14 Cart Bag

callaway org 14 cart bagIf you need extra storage space in your golf cart bag, then the Callaway Golf Org 14 is the bag for you.

There are a whopping 11 front facing pockets which offer ample storage space for your accessories, snacks and valuables, and are all easy to access.

And if you have a rangefinder, there’s a magnetic moulded pocket specifically designed to carry it.

Again, you’ll get 14 dividers for your clubs, and like the TaylorMade bag, there’s a separate TPE insert for your putter.

The Callaway Golf Org 14 is a great cart bag, and while it’s a bit of a price jump from the Founders Club and TaylorMade, if you have the budget, it’s highly recommended.

This Year’s Best Golf Stand Bags

Our top 3 golf stand bags for 2020 are:

1. TaylorMade Pro Stand 8.0

taylormade pro stand 8.0Stand bags tend to have a little less room to play with than cart bags, so while you’ll still get a divider in the TaylorMade Pro Stand 8.0, there are only 7 slots.

Not a big deal though unless you’re ultra sensitive to a little club clatter while walking the course.

There are 6 storage pockets, including a fur lined, waterproof pocket for storing valuables.

The bag is nice and light (weighing in at just 4.8lbs), so shouldn’t be too hard on your back, and the strap has plenty of padding.

You’re not going to go wrong with a TaylorMade golf bag, and if you’re looking for a stand bag, this is the one we’d recommend.

2. Callaway Mavrik Staff Stand Bag

If you’re looking for an affordable stand bag from Callaway, you can’t go wrong with the Callaway Chev.

But if you have a little more budget to play with, then we highly recommend the Callaway Mavrik Staff.

Everything is just a little more premium.

The little touches like the velour wrapped cuffs on the dividers (5 way) and the velour lined valuables pocket give a hint of luxury, but from a practical point of view it’s the extra padding on the OptiFit Comfort Strap that will make you glad you forked out the extra dollars. If you’ve carried a golf bag before you’ll know that it can be a little sore on the shoulders by the time you get to the back 9. But with the Callaway Mavrik, the extra padding really does make a difference.

Callaway are obviously proud of these straps, as they have a patent pending on them.

The bag is a little heavier (and bulkier) than the TaylorMade, weighing in at 6.4lbs, but that extra weight is offset by the additional padding.

Finally, the bag includes non slip foot pads to help prevent slipping and sinking. Useful for soggy courses.

If you’re looking for a stand bag and don’t mind forking out a little extra, then the Callaway Mavrik Staff is highly recommended.

3. Wilson EXO Carry Bag

wilson exo carry bagA lot of the Wilson Staff bags look pretty similar in design and colour scheme to TaylorMade’s range.

(could be a coincidence, but who knows…)

And generally they are a little cheaper.

There are a few decent choices here, but the price point, and some decent touches like a waterproof valuables pocket made the Wilson Staff EXO our top pick from the brand.

Note: if you play a lot of golf in the rain, then Wilson also have a fully waterproof bag called “Dry Tech II”. Heat-sealed seams and waterproof zippers will keep your gear dry, even in heavy downpours.

Our Top Picks

We’d recommend all 6 of the bags on this list, however, our number 1 cart bag in 2020 is the TaylorMade Select, while our top stand bag is the Callaway Mavrik.

Whichever you choose though, you’ll be happy with your new golf bag.

What’s Next?

That’s it for our rundown of the best golf bags in 2020.

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See you on the course!

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