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Best Golf Rain Gear: Everything You Need To Play Golf In The Rain

As a Scotsman, being a fair weather golfer just isn’t an option. There’s two types of weather here: rain, and heavy rain. Although to be fair, we did have a decent Summer this year… I think it was a Tuesday!

But even if you play your golf in Southern California, there will be days when those nasty grey clouds coincide with tournament day. And a bit of rain shouldn’t stop you from getting out on the course and enjoying your golf.

So as someone who knows a lot about playing golf in the rain, here’s my guide to the best golf rain gear in 2020.

What You Need For Playing Golf In The Rain

Here’s everything you need to hit the course on a rainy day.

1. Waterproof Golf Shoes

Believe me, playing golf with soggy feet is no fun whatsoever. If there’s one piece of golf gear it’s worth spending a bit of money on, it’s a decent pair of waterproof golf shoes.

Check out our guide to the best golf shoe brands in 2023 here.

2. An All Weather Golf Glove (And A Spare)

mizuno rainfit golf glove The biggest issue playing golf in the rain is holding onto the club. If you’re swinging at full speed then a wet glove and grip is going to cause the club to slip out your hands, leading to all sorts of mishits.

I’d recommend a good all weather glove, like the Mizuno Rainfit, and I’d also recommend carrying a spare and swapping them over after the front 9.

Tip: take your glove off between shots and store it in a waterproof pocket (or compartment of your bag).

3. Waterproof Pants

waterproof pants A dry golfer is a happy golfer.

Although funnily enough, if it’s wet but warm sometimes shorts can be a good option. It’s when your wet clothes start sticking to you that a wet day on the golf course really becomes a slog.

But with that being said, I’d still recommend a good pair of waterproof pants. They don’t need to be golf specific, a good pair of waterproof hiking pants like these ones will do the trick.

4. A Waterproof Golf Jacket

adidas climastorm Unlike pants, it’s worth spending a bit of extra cash on a golf specific jacket. You need something that’s waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and not going to restrict your turn.

My choice? The adidas Climastorm.

It’s got sealed seams for keeping out the rain, and is also wind resistant. The polyester shell is nice and lightweight so won’t leave you a sweaty mess on hotter days.

One thing I’d recommend is going up a size. As I said, you don’t want the jacket to restrict your turn. So even though this is a nice lightweight jacket, by the time you add a couple of extra layers underneath on a cold day it could get a little snug.

5. Two Towels

You probably carry a towel in your golf bag already.

But if it’s raining I’d recommend carrying two. One for drying your clubs, and one for drying you.

No need to overthink it. A towel is a towel and any one (or in this case two) will do.

6. A Waterproof Golf Bag With Cover

I’d definitely recommend using a waterproof golf bag. Check out our guide to the best golf bags in 2020 here.

But if playing golf in the rain is unusual for you and you don’t think it’s worth switching bags, then buy a rain hood/cover like this one. And I’d also suggest a dry bag pouch (this one will do the trick) for storing valuables.

7. A Golf Umbrella

golf umbrella

This isn’t exactly going to be a revelation… but an umbrella will help to keep you (and your golf clubs) dry.

Again, there’s a ton of choice. You can of course do what the pros do and rock your favurite golf brand on your umbrella.

But if you don’t want to be a walking advert, then this one is cheap and cheerful, and will keep the rain off.

8. Spare Socks

sealskinz Even with a good pair of waterproof golf shoes, sometimes your feet are going to get a little soggy.

So keep a pair of spare socks in the car (or locker room) for changing into after your round.

Or if you want to take waterproofing to the next level, then fork out for a pair of waterproof socks like these ones from SEALSKINZ.

You’re Ready To Golf In The Rain

That wraps it up for our guide to the best golf rain gear in 2020.

If I had to pick two essentials that you’re definitely going to need, I’d say they would be an all weather golf glove and a good waterproof jacket.

But if playing golf in the rain is a regular thing for you, then it’s worth spending a bit of cash and getting a full set of rain kit.

Don’t let the weather stop you from hitting the course!

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