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Golf Simulator Cost: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

Wondering how much setting up a home golf simulator will cost?

In this guide we breakdown the costs of everything you’ll need in a typical home simulator setup.

We’ve included multiple options to cover various price points. So whether your total budget is $1,000 or $20,000 you’ll find all the information you need below.

Note: if you’re looking for specific simulator recommendations rather than costs, check out our guide to the best golf simulators this year.

What you need for a home golf simulator setup (total costs)

Let’s start by looking at what you’ll need for a home golf simulator setup.

We won’t go into specifics here (we’ll cover each item separately after). Instead we’ll look at high and low costs in a table summary.

ItemRequiredCost (low)Cost (high)
Launch monitoryes$499$14,000
Simulator softwareyes$0$950
Hitting matyes$150$4,000
Hitting netyes$159$2,495
Projector screenno$249$295
Side barrier nettingno$200$230
Total (required)$808$21,445
Total (all)$1,956$23,389

So buying items individually (instead of a package deal which we recommend), the cost of a home golf simulator setup could vary from $808 with just the basic minimums, to $26,889 for a premium simulator with all extras.

Note: we marked the projector and screen as non-essential as technically you view ballflight on your laptop or iPad. However, for most home simulator setups (and a more golf like experience), you’ll want both a projector and screen.

Now let’s take a look at the individual elements in a typical golf simulator setup and their associated costs.

Launch monitor costs

Price range: $499 – $14,000

launch monitor

The launch monitor is the brains of the golf simulator. Basic launch monitors will track the path of the club face through impact (less accurate), while more advanced launch monitors will track initial ball flight, and use this to calculate full flight (more accurate).

Generally, the more expensive the launch monitor, the more accurate simulated ball flight (and associated statistics) will be.

Note: technically monitors which track club path are not true launch monitors, however, we have included one here (the OptiShot 2) for simplicity.

Let’s look at costs for some of the most popular launch monitors used in golf simulators this year.

Launch monitorTrackingAccuracyCost
OptiShot 2Club pathAcceptable$499
SkyTrakBall flightHigh$1,995
Foresight GC2Ball flightPro$9,500
Foresight GC QuadBall flightPro$14,000

At the affordable end ($499) we have the OptiShot 2 system, which tracks club path rather than ball flight, and is therefore not technically classed as a launch monitor. According to OptiShot, accuracy is within 2 mph of club head speed, 1.5 degrees of face angle and 1.9 degrees of swing path. So while the OptiShot will do a reasonable job simulating ball flight on screen, stats should be taken with a healthy grain of salt.

There’s a considerable jump in price to the SkyTrak ($1,995). But that’s because it’s a true launch monitor which tracks the golf ball in the early stages of flight. Accuracy is considerably higher – at least 98% as accurate as TrackMan, the industry benchmark, which uses radar to track the full flight of the golf ball.

And at the pro level we have the GC2 ($9,500) and GC Quad ($14,000) launch monitors from Foresight. Again, both these launch monitors track impact and early ball flight (not full flight), but accuracy is comparable to TrackMan – particularly on the GC Quad.

For most golfers SkyTrak will be accurate enough, and it continues to be the most popular golf simulator on the market. However, serious golfers who need precise stats (and have the budget), may want to invest in a Foresight launch monitor.

Check out our guide to the best golf launch monitors in 2021.

Hitting mat costs

Price range: $150 – $4,000

hitting mat

Unless you plan on tearing up your carpet, you’ll need a hitting mat. And while there are some super cheap options available, we’d recommend steering clear of them. You need a little bit of give in your hitting mat, otherwise you’re going to quickly injure your elbow, or at least groove a swing that’s too shallow as you’re scared of impacting the mat.

There’s a wide variation in hitting mat costs. At the lower end, you’re looking at around $150 for a very basic, smaller mat with some cushioning. In the mid range $500-$900 will get you a TrueStrike mat (which have excellent turf like give). And at the high end, a premium mat such as one from Fiberbuilt can set you back anywhere from $1,199 to $4,000.

Hitting net costs

Price range: $159 – $2,495

hitting net

Your home golf simulator setup is going to need a hitting net. And again, there’s a big variation in pricing between the lower end nets and the high end hitting nets.

For under $200, you’ll be able to pick up a basic hitting net like the Cimarron Super Swing Master.

In the mid range, Net Return have some decent nets in the $500-$1,000 bracket.

And Net Return also cater for the premium market, with their flagship Simulator Series golf net tipping the scales at a cool $2,495.

Projector costs

Price range: $699 – $1,419


Your projector is responsible for, well projecting, the visuals from your golf simulator onto the screen. And generally, the more expensive the projector, the brighter and sharper the image will be.

For example, the mid range $699 Optoma X318ST projects images with a brightness level of 3,300 lumens, while the high end $1,419 Maxell MC-EX5001 projects 5,200 lumens. The Maxwell also features HDCR2, which delivers a sharper, higher contrast projection.

But with that being said, while the Maxwell projector will certainly deliver a brighter, sharper image, and is recommended if you have the budget, the Optoma X318ST should be sufficient for most home setups.

Simulator screen costs

Price range: $249 – $295

We recommend you go with either the Net Return Home simulator screen ($249), or the Net 

Return Pro simulator screen ($295).

The only difference here is the size of the screen, with the Home screen being 80” H x 82” W, and the Pro being 83” H x 94” W.

Choose the simulator screen that fits best with your hitting net.

Side barrier netting costs

Price range: $200 – $230

If you’re certain that you’ll never shank the ball, you might get away without side barrier netting for your home golf simulator setup.

But if you’re prone to the odd hosel rocket, then you’ll definitely want to have some side netting in place.

Side netting will set you back between $200 and $230.

Why you’ll get best value out of a golf simulator package deal

As you can see, the total cost of setting up your own home golf simulator can range from under $1,000 at the low end, to well over $20K at the high end.

So to save yourself some money (and hassle), we’d recommend going for a golf simulator package deal.

Generally you’ll save around 10-15% when compared with buying the items required for a home golf simulator individually. And the package deal will also include all leads and cables required for setup.

Below are some indicative package deal costs for the three most popular golf simulators.

OptiShot 2 simulator package costs

Price range: $799 – $3,642

OptiShot 2 packages start at just $799, with their “golf in a box” package including the OptiShot system, a hitting mat, and a hitting net. Connect up to a laptop or iPad and you’re good to go.

However, packages are also available with projector, screen, and hitting enclosure for a truer golf simulator experience.

best under $1,000
OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator For Home

For those on a budget, the OptiShot 2 is the stand out choice.

Check latest Price
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

SkyTrak simulator package costs

Price range: $3,399.99 – $7,899.99

A SkyTrak home golf simulator package will cost you between $3,399.99 and $7,899.99, with the premium options including a projector, and high end projector enclosure.

Foresight golf simulator package costs

Price range: $14,999.99 – $20,399.99

Foresight golf simulator packages range from $14,999.99 for GC2 setups, up to $20,399.99 for GC Quad setups. All Foresight simulator packages include full simulator enclosures, high end projectors, and hitting mats.

Need more advice before you buy?

Check out our full guide to the best golf simulators in 2021.

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