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The 6 Best Golf Swing Speed Trainers of 2023

Want to increase your swing speed, tempo and hit the ball further? Of course you do.

So in this guide we’re going to take an in-depth look at the best swing speed trainers and training courses around right now.

Even better: we’ve cut the fluff, and focused on 4 swing speed trainers (and systems) that actually work.

Let’s get started with our number one pick for the 2023 season: the Orange Whip Lightspeed swing speed training aid.

This year’s best swing speed trainers

  1. Orange Whip Lightspeed Trainer (swing & club head speed trainer)
  2. SuperSpeed Golf (speed stick for golf)
  3. Swing Man Golf (online swing speed training)
  4. Lag Shot (balance and tempo trainer)
  5. GolfForever (complete swing training kit)
  6. Monte Scheinblum’s 300 Yard Impact (impact position trainer)

1. Orange Whip Lightspeed Trainer

orange whip light speed

Essentially, the original Orange Whip was designed to improve the fundamentals of your golf swing, with an emphasis on tempo. The new Orange Whip Lightspeed – as the name suggests – is designed to specifically improve your golf swing speed.

Let’s face it. If you’re a golfer, you want to hit further and you don’t want to give up anything in terms of rhythm, balance or even timing. And that’s where the Lightspeed training aid works wonders. You’ll be improving your club head speed dramatically yet consistently, but you won’t be giving up control.

The real question is; how much can you expect to improve your swing speed by using the Orange Whip Lightspeed trainer?

Well, according to Orange Whip, you should be aiming for 20% almost instantly. But how?

Essentially, this is a lightweight version of the original Orange Whip. With a lighter orange ball on the end of your trainer and flexible shaft, you’ll be able to develop the correct swing plane and directly increase club head speed.

You’ll both hear and see your swing getting faster and faster. And by using the Lightspeed trainer consistently, you’ll develop muscle memory so that this increased club head speed translates to your next round.

If you’re looking for a golf speed trainer that gives almost instantaneous results, you need the Orange Whip Lightspeed in your golf training aid tool kit.

2023 speed trainer from Orange Whip
Orange Whip Light Speed Trainer
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2. SuperSpeed Golf

You might have heard of SuperSpeed Golf already. In the past few years it’s become increasingly popular on the PGA tour and arguably the most popular speed stick for golf.

Tour pros such as Phil Mickelson, Jon Rahm, and Matt Kuchar have been using the SuperSpeed golf system to squeeze out those game changing extra yards off the tee. And a certain Bryson De Chambeau has also been snapped with SuperSpeed training aids in his bag. Safe to say Bryson has picked up a bit of extra distance this year!

Of course much of De Chambeau’s increased distance has come from the ridiculous change in his physique. But aside from pounding the weights — and packing on more muscle than Bruce Banner on a particularly bad day — overspeed training has definitely been part of Bryon’s training regime in his quest to overpower golf courses with sheer speed, power and distance.

And it’s overspeed training that’s the core of SuperSpeed Golf’s speed stick system.

What is overspeed training?

The concept of overspeed training is quite simple.

You use a lighter club to swing faster than you would normally be able to with your driver. Over time this “resets” your muscle memory, and gets your body used to swinging at faster speeds.

As your speed and strength increases, you up the weight on the training club, until eventually you’re swinging faster with a training club that’s slightly heavier than your driver.

The result: your swing with your actual driver is faster.

How much faster? According to SuperSpeed Golf (and studies which bear out their claims) you’ll be swinging around 5% faster with your driver within 4-6 weeks.

If a 5% improvement in swing speed doesn’t sound like much, let’s put that into some context.

Original SpeedImproved SpeedOriginal DistanceImproved Distance
80mph84mph206 yds218 yds
90mph94.5mph232 yds245 yds
100mph105mph258 yds273 yds
110mph115.5mph284 yds300 yds

*based on average total distance with driver, with an increase of 3 yards per extra 1mph of clubhead speed using the SuperSpeed speek stick

Additionally, that 5% improvement is in the first 4-6 weeks. So over time a 10%+ increase in swing speed is achievable.

Bottom line: being 15-30 yards closer to the green is going to lower your scores.

Won’t accuracy suffer?

In a word, no.

You’re not making a swing change here, at least not in terms of your technique.

You’ll be swinging in the same way, just faster.

And notwithstanding the above, study after study has shown that proximity to the hole is one of the key factors in reducing scores. 

Long story short: it’s better to be 15 yards closer to the hole, but in the rough, than shorter and in the fairway.

Another way of looking at it:

The SuperSpeed golf speed training system won’t cure your slice. But it won’t make it worse either.

What you get with SuperSpeed golf

The SuperSpeed Golf speed stick includes 3 weighted clubs — a “light”, a “medium” and a “heavy”.

The light and medium clubs are lighter than a standard driver, while the heavy club is heavier.

You’ll start with the light club, and as your swing speed improves, you’ll progress to using the heavy club.

With the lightest speed stick, you should be able to swing 15-20mph faster than with your driver. And by the time you’ve progressed to the heaviest training club your driver speed should have increased by 10-15mph.

Sounds simple enough, and it is. But backing up the training clubs are 2 years worth of online instruction videos.

And if you follow the suggested course (which you should), you’ll be putting in 3 ten minute training sessions a week with the weighted clubs.

SuperSpeed Golf: Summary

All in, SuperSpeed Golf is our #1 pick for the best swing speed stick for golf in 2023. And whist there are other brands out there (honourable mentions being Rypstick, The Stack System, Speed Stix and Rawspeed), we still feel SuperSpeed is the best speed stick for golf.

It’s a proven system, used by over 600 tour pros worldwide.

And if it’s good enough for Bryson, then it’s certainly going to be good enough for mere mortals like us.

Get the SuperSpeed training aid here.

3. Swing Man Golf

Swing Man Golf

Swing Man Golf differs from SuperSpeed in that it’s based round a fitness program, and technique rather than a specific training aid.

The fitness program will get you stronger and faster, while the swing changes will improve the speed and efficiency of your overall swing.

Why should you trust the Swing Man swing speed training program to boost your drives?

The video libary and courses offered here comes direct from:

  • Michael Hoke Austin: Professional golfer and previous Guiness World Record holder for longest drive in tournament play
  • Jacob Bowden: Long drive champion with his best competitive drive logged at 421yds

Put simply…you’re in good hands with Swing Man.

How much faster can you get with the Swing Man program?

According to Swing Man, if you follow the instruction and training you could pick up between 12 and 15mph of swing speed in a month.

To our mind that seems a little high (although we guess it would depend on your starting point). But even if we cut that in half, an extra 6mph is going to give you around 18 extra yards on your drives. Which is a big increase.

At the extreme end, Swing Man claim some students have increased their swing speed by 30mph in 4 months. Again, to us this seems like it would be quite a dramatic (and unlikely) improvement. But we guess if you were a slow swinger (say 70mph) to start, getting your speed up to 100mph could be doable. At that level, you’d be adding 70-90 yards to your drives, which is pretty much a different ball game…

Either way, there’s no doubt that following the Swing Man program will increase your swing speed. It’s endorsed by a number of highly respected golf coaches and PGA professionals, and has a ton of testimonials from golfers across all skill levels.

You’ll need to commit to the strength work and swing changes. But if you’re happy to put in the hours, then Swing Man could be a good fit for you.

Swing Man digital golf training
Swing Speed & Distance Training
Want more speed, and more distance? Learn from Jacob Bowden and discover how he hit his record 421yd drive, and increased his own swing speed by 37mph in less than 2 months.
Learn about Swing Man Golf
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4. Lag Shot

Technically the Lag Shot isn’t a swing speed trainer as such. It’s more designed to help your balance, tempo, and overall swing.

But here’s the thing:

To swing faster, you also need to swing better. Why? Because as your technique and your overall swing improves you’ll be able to ramp up your speed.

And no matter how fast you are swinging, tempo remains one of the critical elements of a solid, repeatable swing.

Additionally, swinging faster has a lot to do with confidence. Golf is a mind game after all. And when you’re not standing on the tee worried about spraying the ball over the place you’ll be able to swing with a level of freedom that will definitely help to boost your speed.

Lag Shot (link auto applies discount code golferlogic, for 20% off) is a flexible club similar to the ever popular Orange Whip. But there’s one key difference: you can actually hit balls with it. Whether that be whiffle balls in your living room, or real balls on the range.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how the Lag Shot can help to improve your golf swing.

Mixing your training between a weighted club like SuperSpeed, and a flexible club like Lag Shot is a great way to improve both your speed, and overall swing.

Our pick for the #1 golf training aid in 2023
Lag Shot Training Aid
Lag Shot Training Aid
Find out how golfers are using this club to smooth out their tempo and transition, and add distance and accuracy to their game by reading out golf training aids page.

Or head directly to Lag Shot: 20% discount automatically applied. If it’s not, use coupon GOLFERLOGIC.

Visit Lag Shot to find out moreRead our 2023 guide to golf training aids here
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5. GolfForever Swing Trainer Kit

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What is it?

Next up, we’ve got the GolfForever Swing Speed Trainer, which we can only describe as a complete training aid. And that’s because GolfForever doesn’t JUST focus on your swing speed. 

The kit focuses on improving multiple parts of you and your game, the most important being: balance, core, mobility and of course, swing speed. 

Better still, when you buy the GolfForever swing speed training aid, you’ll be given 30 day access to their training program; complete with over 500+ instructional videos. 

Who is it for?

GolfForever is designed for all kinds of golfers. So whether you’re a scratch golfer or complete beginner, you’ll be able to use this swing speed trainer to improve your game.

What do you get?

  • 44.5 inch training bar, inclusive of attachment points (weighted balls, training cords etc)
  • Interchangeable weighted balls designed for speed training
  • Carabiners 
  • Door anchor
  • Latex training chords
  • 30 day access to their 500+ instructional videos!

6. Monte Scheinblum’s 300 Yard Impact

Our fourth (and final) swing speed trainer comes from former world long drive champion Monte Scheinblum.

Monte is one of our favorite coaches offering online golf lessons, with a reputation in the golf community for cutting through the noise, and delivering practical, no-nonsense golf instruction and advice.

So it’s no surprise that Monte’s first golf training aid is simple, yet highly effective.

The 300 yard impact is (as the name would suggest) all about impact. Strap it on and it will force you to get into the correct impact position. 

So how does getting into the right impact position help to improve your swing speed?

Simple: a lot of swing speed is lost through compensations for swing faults on the downswing. You’re not going to be able to get into the correct impact position with the 300 yard impact unless your body figures out how to overcome these flaws.

And once it does, not only will you have a better swing, the lack of compensations will mean you’re also swinging faster.

Bonus: the correct impact position should improve your smash factor, so swing speed improvements notwithstanding, you’ll be putting more zip on the ball and increasing your distance.

Check out the 300 yard impact here.

Ready to increase your swing speed & tempo?

That wraps it up for our rundown of the best swing speed trainers in 2023.

2023 speed trainer from Orange Whip
Orange Whip Light Speed Trainer
Get 10% off the new Orange Whip Light Speed Trainer using coupon code golferlogic directly on Orange Whip's store, and compare with current prices on Amazon to get the best deal.
Buy on AmazonCompare prices directly on Orange Whip
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

There are plenty of other training aids and programs available for increasing your swing speed. But we picked out three that we know for sure actually work.

Which is right for you will depend on your goals and the time you’re willing to commit.

The new Orange Whip Lightspeed is going to help with swing and club head speed, and a worthy contender for your cash. SuperSpeed Golf is the truly an effective program overall, and the most likely to see a rapid improvement to your swing speed overall.

But if you’re looking for simplicity and don’t have time to commit to training, then you might want to go for Monte’s 300 yard impact. And for those looking to improve their overall strength and fitness, as well as increase their swing speed, Swing Man’s program is a good fit.

To improve your overall swing, tempo, and balance, check out the Lag Shot.

Whichever swing speed trainer you choose, enjoy those extra yards!

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