The Best Indoor Putting Greens in 2020

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Looking to brush up on your putting at home?

In this guide we’ve picked out the 4 best indoor putting greens available right now, with options for all budgets.

We’ll start with our top pick.

This Year’s Best Indoor Putting Greens

1. Forb Professional Putting Mats

Forb's XXL Pro Mat
Forb’s XXL Pro Mat

If you have a reasonable budget, Forb make a range of indoor putting greens that are going to get you closest to “real” putting.

The putting surface of their mats is manufactured from 12mm polyethylene, which does a great job simulating the characteristics and roll of a medium to fast green. And as a bonus, the putting surface is surrounded by 40mm rough, so you can even practice your chipping.

There are 3 sizes available, starting at “standard” which is 12ft x 3.2ft and includes 2 holes, all the way up to “XXL” at a whopping 20ft x 9ft with 4 holes/flags.

Forb's "Standard" mat
Forb’s “Standard” mat

The surface materials are the same on each size, but there is a big price differential as you start to move up. Which makes sense as you’re going from a putting mat that’s 38.4 square feet on the standard, to one that’s 180 square feet on the XXL. So you’re basically paying for all that extra putting green. Fair enough.

When not in use, the mats roll up easily for storage.

All in all, Forb’s indoor putting greens are our top pick this year. Whichever size you choose, you’re going to get an authentic putting experience in your own home.

Available from Forb and Amazon.

2. PuttOut Pro Putting Mat

PuttOut Pro MatSpecial mention now for the PuttOut Pro Putting Mat. And that’s because it’s made by the same company who manufacture one of our favourite golf training aids, the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer.

Of course, being made by the same company, the Pressure Putt will fit perfectly on this mat for a great indoor putting experience.

It’s low-frills when compared to the Forb putting greens, but the surface runs true, and simulates a medium-to-fast green with a stimp rating of 10.

The target points, alignment aids, and distance markings included on the mat allow you to work on a number of putting drills recommended by PuttOut. And they certainly know their stuff when it comes to indoor putting.

One slight negative is that the PuttOut Pro Mat is only 7.87 x 1.64ft. So no lag putting practice, but let’s be honest, it’s those 3-6 footers that make or break a round anyway.

This indoor putting green is budget friendly, so we’d seriously recommend buying a PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer at the same time if you don’t already have one.

Available from Amazon.

3. VariSpeed Putting System

The VariSpeed indoor putting green has a lot going for it.

Firstly, it’s 10ft long, so you can practice those important mid-distance putts. For reference, PGA pros only make around 46% of their putts from 9ft, so don’t expect to make them all!

But what we really like is the variable speed. After all, every green you play on is going to be slightly different. And even the green on your home course can change depending on conditions.

With the VariSpeed, you’ll get 4 speeds ranging between stimp ratings of 7.5 – 13. Which unless you’re planning on a round at Augusta, is going to cover green speeds on most courses.

And one more cool feature of the VariSpeed mat is “visible ball traces”. Basically, when you take a putt, the ball will leave an imprint on the mat, allowing you to review the exact line your putt took. When combined with the included wedge — which allows you to add slope to your putting mat — this is useful for figuring out if you’re under (or over) reading break.

Overall, some really nice, unique features, in a compact, affordable indoor putting green. And it rolls up nice and neat for storage too.

Available from Amazon.

4. Abco Tech Golf Putting Green

Abco Tech Putting MatFinally, at the budget end of the price scale, we’ve got the Abco Tech Golf Putting Green.

It’s made of polypropylene with a rubber foam base to prevent skidding, and has reasonably true roll for the price. Although obviously there’s a trade off when compared with the premium indoor putting greens.

You’ll get 3 holes for practice, and “sand traps” at the back to catch your missed putts.

And at 9 x 3ft, you’ll be able to practice 3-8 footers, i.e. “make” territory.

No idea why the guy in the picture is holding a wedge… but don’t let that put you off. It’s not fancy, but if you’re just looking to get some casual putting practice in, then this is a solid, affordable option. And it’s definitely going to be an upgrade on your carpet!

Note: For a few extra dollars, you can get a similar putting green from Forb, which is slightly higher quality.

Available from Amazon.

Which Indoor Putting Green Do We Recommend?

If budget isn’t a consideration, then go for one of the Forb pro putting greens. They’re the best on the market.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the unique features of the VariSpeed mat, make it the standout choice.

What’s Next?

That’s it for our run down of the best indoor putting greens in 2020.

Looking for more ideas for working on your golf game at home? Check out our guide to the best home drills and routines.

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