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Indoor Putting Greens: Our Top Picks For 2021

We considered over 30 indoor putting greens and mats from 9 different manufacturers. While there were a number of solid choices, Tour Links was the clear winner, and our pick for the best indoor putting green this year. Read on to find out why we picked Tour Links, and check out our other recommendations, with options for all budgets.

indoor putting greens

In Summary: which indoor putting green is right for you?

Tour Links putting green

Before we go into more detail on the putting greens we picked (and why we picked them), let’s start with an overview.

Because the first question you’re going to want to ask yourself is simple:

How authentic do you want your indoor putting experience to be?

Or in other words, do you want to putt on an indoor green that feels like the real thing, with true roll, and undulations? Or are you happy with a basic mat that’s going to be an upgrade on practicing your putting on your carpet with a cup?

Let’s start by assuming you fall into the first category (although we will cover cheaper alternatives).

There’s no doubt in our mind that for the most authentic indoor putting experience, you’ll want to fork out for a Tour Links putting green. Because the fact is, Tour Links is as close as you’ll get to putting on a real surface.

Of course, that authentic experience is going to come at a cost. Depending on the size of mat you go for, a Tour Links putting green will set you back anywhere from $800 (4ft x 10ft) to the best part of $4K (14ft x 18ft).

If that seems like a big jump in cost, bear in mind that 4ft x 10ft is 40 square feet, while 14ft x 18ft is 252 square feet. You’re getting a lot more putting green.

If Tour Links is a little too rich for your budget, then in the mid-range, you should be thinking about a Forb putting green. They’re not exactly cheap, but it’s going to be a reasonable jump down in price from Tour Links, and the surface will roll reasonably true, if missing the “feel” you’ll get from a Tour Links green (more on that in a moment).

big moss augusta putting green

So how about an affordable putting green? Well, we’ve got a good option, but it does somewhat depend on your definition of “affordable”. With a budget of $300, the Big Moss Augusta is where you’ll want to invest your cash. Sure you can buy something that “looks” like a green for a lot cheaper, but our advice is to steer clear. Because generally they’re going to be made of cheap foam. Roll them up once to store, and you’ll never get them flat again (we speak from bitter experience).

If you’re looking for something truly cheap, then sorry, a putting green is not what you should be going for. We’d recommend going for a mat.

But the good news is there are two affordable putting mats we’d recommend: the PuttOut Pro Putting Mat, and the Varispeed Putting Mat. There’s a lot of choice at the budget end, so we’ll explain why we recommend these two particular mats below.

best mid-range: Forb
best affordable: Big Moss Augusta

Reviews: this year’s best indoor putting greens and mats

  1. Tour Links – best overall indoor putting green
  2. Forb – best mid-range indoor putting green
  3. Big Moss Augusta – best affordable indoor putting green
  4. PuttOut Pro – best affordable putting mat with ball return (separate purchase)
  5. VariSpeed – best affordable putting mat with variable speed
tour links putting green

The choice for the best overall putting green this year was relatively straight forward. Because Tour Links is trusted by the biggest names and brands in golf.

If a PGA tour golfer is working on their putting indoors, the chances are, they’ll be using a Tour Links green.

Demoing a new putter at the annual PGA merchandising show? You’ll be rolling your ball over a Tour Links green.

Watching a putting tutorial on the Golf Channel? You guessed it. Tour Links.

There are two factors that set Tour Links greens apart from other contenders: roll and feel. Putt on a Tour Links mat and your ball will roll in the same way it would on a PGA Tour caliber green. And when you’re standing on the surface, you’ll actually feel like you’re standing on a real green.

The importance of true roll is self explanatory. If you want to see just how well the ball rolls on a Tour Links green watch this video of Rory putting on a Tour Links below.

But why does “feel” matter?

Well, when practicing golf at home, you want to simulate course conditions as much as possible.

We’re tactile creatures — our bodies are highly tuned to sense when something feels different. And if you get your body (and brain) used to putting on a mat, it will start to believe that’s how putting should feel. Which means, when you get onto the course, subconsciously, you’ll know the difference. And since putting is arguably more mental than mechanical (see Bob Rotella) we want to remove as many elements of doubt as we can.

If you’re interested in how Tour Links replicate the feel of a real green, it’s all to do with their patented, moulded panels. This video explains the tech behind Tour Links.

Were there any other contenders for the best overall indoor putting greens? Well, the closest would probably be Fiberbuilt. But at a similar price point, the Tour Links pretty much beats it in every important measure. And we’d also class Fiberbuilt more as a mat than a green.

Quite simply, if you want the best indoor putting green on the market, Tour Links should be your choice.

Check out Tour Links indoor putting greens (starting at $794) here.

2. Forb Indoor Putting Greens

best mid-range indoor putting greens

Forb's XXL Pro Mat

If you have a reasonable budget, Forb make a range of indoor putting greens that are going to get you close to “real” putting. They’re not going quite at the level of Tour Links (certainly not in terms of feel), but roll is still relatively true.

The putting surface of their mats is manufactured from 12mm polyethylene, which does a great job simulating the characteristics and roll of a medium to fast green. And as a bonus, the putting surface is surrounded by 40mm rough, so you can even practice your chipping.

There are 3 sizes available, starting at “standard” which is 12ft x 3.2ft and includes 2 holes, all the way up to “XXL” at a whopping 20ft x 9ft with 4 holes/flags.

Forb's "Standard" mat
Forb’s “Standard” mat

The surface materials are the same on each size, but there is a big price differential as you start to move up. Which makes sense as you’re going from a putting mat that’s 38.4 square feet on the standard, to one that’s 180 square feet on the XXL. So you’re basically paying for all that extra putting green. Fair enough.

When not in use, the mats roll up easily for storage.

All in all, Forb’s indoor putting greens are our pick for the best mid range greens this year. Whichever size you choose, you’re going to get a relatively authentic putting experience in your own home.

Forb putting greens are available to buy on amazon.

best mid-range
Forb Putting Green

Practice your putting and chipping on a Forb mat, with great roll, and the feel of a medium-fast green.

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3. Big Moss Augusta

best affordable indoor putting green

The Big Moss Augusta is not a “cheap” indoor putting green, but it’s as low as we would go price wise before jumping down to a mat.

big moss augusta

Let’s be clear: your ball isn’t going to roll quite as well as on a Tour Links (or indeed a Forb) green. But it’s still going to run relatively true, particularly when compared with low-end mats.

The main problem with cheap mats is they start to wrinkle quickly, particularly if you’re regularly folding them up and putting them away. But the Big Moss has a rubber backed, multi-layered surface, which keeps those annoying wrinkles at bay.

With your purchase, you’ll get a “break snake”, which slips under the mat, allowing you to create multiple contours and practice those tricky 6 foot, right to left sliders.

It’s a 12 foot long mat, so allowing for a little room behind the cups —  and assuming you want your trail foot to be standing on the mat — you’ll be able to practice putts of up to 10ft.

Coming in at just under $300, the Big Moss Augusta is a solid choice.

4. PuttOut Pro Putting Mat

best affordable putting mat with ball return (separate purchase)

Special mention now for the PuttOut Pro Putting Mat. And that’s because it’s made by the same company who manufacture one of our favourite golf training aids, the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer.

puttout pro putting mat

Of course, being made by the same company, the Pressure Putt will fit perfectly on this mat for a great indoor putting experience.

It’s low-frills when compared to Tour Links and Forb putting greens, but the surface runs reasonably true, and simulates a medium-to-fast green with a stimp rating of 10.

The target points, alignment aids, and distance markings included on the mat allow you to work on a number of putting drills recommended by PuttOut. And they certainly know their stuff when it comes to indoor putting.

One slight negative is that the PuttOut Pro Mat is only 7.87 x 1.64ft. So no lag putting practice, but let’s be honest, it’s those 3-6 footers that make or break a round anyway.

This indoor putting green is budget friendly, so we’d seriously recommend buying a PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer at the same time if you don’t already have one.

Available from Amazon.

Ball return (separate purchase)
PuttOut Pro Golf Putting Mat

If you're looking for an affordable putting mat rather than a green, the PuttOut Pro is a solid choice.

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5. VariSpeed Putting System

best affordable putting mat with variable speed

For those on a budget, the VariSpeed indoor putting green has a lot going for it.

varispeed putting mat

Firstly, it’s 10ft long, so you can practice those important mid-distance putts. For reference, PGA pros only make around 46% of their putts from 9ft, so don’t expect to make them all!

But what we really like is the variable speed. After all, every green you play on is going to be slightly different. And even the green on your home course can change depending on conditions.

With the VariSpeed, you’ll get 4 speeds ranging between stimp ratings of 7.5 – 13. Which unless you’re planning on a round at Augusta, is going to cover green speeds on most courses.

And one more cool feature of the VariSpeed mat is “visible ball traces”. Basically, when you take a putt, the ball will leave an imprint on the mat, allowing you to review the exact line your putt took. When combined with the included wedge — which allows you to add slope to your putting mat — this is useful for figuring out if you’re under (or over) reading break.

Overall, some really nice, unique features, in a compact, affordable indoor putting green. And it rolls up nice and neat for storage too.

Available from Amazon.

Variable speed
VariSpeed Putting System

Practice 4 different speeds on one mat with the affordable VariSpeed putting system.

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Which Indoor Putting Green Do We Recommend?

If budget isn’t a consideration, then go for a Tour Links green. It’s an easy choice. Tour Links make the best indoor putting greens on the market today, period.

But if Tour Links is a little to rich for you right now, then a Forb or Big Moss is going to be a solid pick.

On a tight budget? Skip low end putting greens, and instead head for a putting mat from either PuttOut pro, or VariSpeed. And if you choose the PuttOut mat, we recommend combining it with a PuttOut Pro pressure putt trainer.

What’s Next?

That’s it for our run down of the best indoor putting greens in 2021.

Looking for more ideas for working on your golf game at home? Check out our guide to the best home drills and routines.

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