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The 10 Best Online Golf Coaches In 2021

Looking to improve your golf game? Access to expert golf instruction has never been easier, with literally THOUSANDS of hours of incredible content available from some of the best golf coaches on the planet.

But with so many instructors to choose from, which one is right for you?

To help, we’ve put together this guide to the best online golf coaches right now.

Let’s get started.

Quick Answer: The 10 Best Online Golf Coaches In 2021

  1. Monte Schienblum
  2. Chuck Quinton
  3. Piers Ward & Andy Proudman
  4. Alex Fortey
  5. Shawn Clement
  6. George Gankas
  7. Danny Maude
  8. Chris Ryan
  9. Rick Shiels
  10. Robin Matthews Williams

This Year’s Best Online Golf Coaches

Here’s our list of the top ten online golf coaches in 2021.

1. Monte Scheinblum

Monte Scheinblum

Looking for a no nonsense golf coach that will cut through the B.S. and teach you how to build a solid, simple, and repeatable swing? Want to cure your shanks, or early extension?

Monte Scheinblum is your man.

A former world long drive champion, Monte started out by giving golf tips on the GolfWRX forum (which he still does), before growing his own YouTube channel with a TON of videos.

These days Monte offers in person and online golf lessons, and has several professionally made video series, including the excellent “The Efficient Swing”.

Check out one of Monte’s most controversial, but effective drills (“no turn cast”) below, then head over to our full guide to Monte’s online teaching.

Click here to visit Rebellion Golf

YouTube / Instagram

2. Chuck Quinton (Rotary Swing)

Chuck Quinton

Chuck Quinton is the founder of and has been teaching golf online since the mid 2000s.

The Rotary Swing has changed a few times over the years. But as a golf coach, Chuck’s teaching has always been based on creating a repeatable, bio-mechanically safe golf swing. He delves deeply into how different parts of your body should move in the swing and why.

If you are prepared to put the work on learning moves, and building your swing from the ground up, then Chuck Quinton is a good coach to follow.

Here’s Chuck explaining how to initiate your takeaway with your right shoulder.


Check out our full guide to Rotary Swing here.

3. Piers Ward & Andy Proudman (Me And My Golf)

Over the past few years Me and My Golf has grown to become one of the biggest golf channels on YouTube, boasting over 750K subscribers, and millions of views.

Piers Ward and Andy Proudman are the coaches behind the camera, and their straightforward, simple instruction has helped tens of thousands of golfers improve their swing.

Their motto is “take charge of your game”, and they’ve now branched out from YouTube to create their own membership site, which aims to help golfers do just that. The site includes a number of tailored, step-by-step, week-by-week instruction plans, which cater for golfers of all skill levels.

So whether you’re a complete beginner, or a low handicapper looking to sharpen up your short game for the new season, Piers and Andy are bound to have a course that will suit your game.

In this video Piers and Andy discuss three “must dos” with your irons.

Click here to visit Me And My Golf

4. Alex Fortey (Art of Simple Golf)

Alex Fortey

Alex Fortey aims to demystify the golf swing on his YouTube channel and website, The Art of Simple Golf.

He produces short, easy to follow videos that focus on specific parts of the golf swing, without going too heavy on technicalities.

In this video Alex reveals 2 simple tips for consistent iron shots.

Website / YouTube

5. Shawn Clement

Shawn Clement

Shawn Clement was one of the first golf coaches to embrace YouTube, and over the years his channel has racked up millions of views.

Shawn’s teaching is all about giving your brain a task (“cut the dandelion stem”, “throw your club to the target”) and not worrying about what individual parts of your body are doing.

He believes that the swing should be a fluid, tension free, athletic motion, and his best videos teach the swing as a whole, rather than focusing on individual parts of the swing (like the takeaway). Although with that being said, if you do want a video on the takeaway, then Shawn will undoubtedly have a great one!

Here’s Shawn showing how to get your body “out of the way” of your golf swing.

Website / YouTube / Instagram

6. George Gankas

George Gankas

George Gankas is without doubt one of the most famous online golf coaches right now. His “pivot and turn” swing philosophy was the talk of all the big golf forums a few years ago, and while he’s since tweaked his system to match up with different swing styles, he’s retained the core elements of using the ground effectively, shallowing, and turning hard.

If you follow George’s online coaching, you’ll end up with a powerful, rotational swing, with plenty of width, and tour level impact conditions.

Which means you’ll hit the ball further. In this Reddit thread, a Redditor reveals how he picked up over 25 yards on his 8 iron in just one (in person) lesson with George Gankas.

In this instructional video, George teaches a student how to “sit and turn”.

Website / YouTube / Instagram

7. Danny Maude

Danny Maude

Danny Maude has been putting out instructional videos on YouTube for over 5 years, but it’s only in the past 18 months or so that he’s really come to our attention.

And he’s since become one of our go-to golf coaches on the web.

He’s probably best known for his “catapult” driver swing method, which you can see him demonstrating below.

Website / YouTube / Instagram

8. Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan was head golf coach at the world famous Belfry, so it’s fair to say he knows a thing or two about the golf swing.

His instructional videos are pretty broad based, and he covers all aspects of the full swing and short game with a clear, focused presentational style.

Here’s Chris teaching you how to pitch like a tour pro.

Website: / YouTube / Instagram

9. Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels has become one of YouTube’s most popular online golf coaches, with over 850,000 subscribers and tens of millions of video views.

He’s been a qualified PGA professional since the age of 21, and taught at the Trafford Golf Centre in Manchester, before setting up his own Quest Golf Academy with fellow YouTuber Peter Finch.

Rick has a friendly and engaging presentational style, and though he has instructional videos for all levels of golfers, we feel that beginners would get most out of his instruction.

If you’re looking for new golf equipment, we would also recommend Rick’s club reviews. And if you have a bit of time to kill, his course vlogs are always good fun.

Here’s Rick explaining how to control the trajectory of your wedge shots.

Website / YouTube / Instagram

10. Robin Matthews Williams

Robin Matthews Williams

Robin Matthews Williams is a bit of a divisive figure. If you’re easily offended, then his channel is probably not for you.

But if you don’t mind a bit of colourful language, and are currently bogged down in technical swing thoughts, then you might find his golf instruction to be a breath of fresh air.

Most of his videos are focused around the core philosophy of forgetting about positions, forgetting about the ball itself, and just swinging the golf club, with primary focus (if any) on your feet.

In this video Robin teaches his swing to complete strangers in the driving range.

Watch a few of Robin Matthews Williams’ videos and you might come across some interesting nicknames for some of the other online golf coaches on this list! We do often chuckle at what he calls number 9…

YouTube / Instagram

What’s Next?

That rounds it up for our list of the 10 best online golf coaches this year.

It’s far from exhaustive, as there are loads more great instructors that didn’t quite make the cut. But if you feel there’s anyone specific we should add, then please leave a comment below.

And check out more in-depth golf instructor reviews here.

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