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SkyTrak Launch Monitor: Within 2% Accuracy of Trackman (+ 80% cheaper)

Looking to build a golf simulator, or, want stand alone data to check how you’re progressing? Not sure which launch monitor is right for you? 

In this guide we’re going to cover the SkyTrak launch monitor, a mid-range unit that can be used wirelessly; perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

We’ll include costs, how its accuracy compares to market leaders like Trackman, explore online reviews, and determine if this is the right golf launch monitor for you.

In summary: is the SkyTrak launch monitor for you?

skytrak launch monitor

Deciding on a launch monitor is actually reasonably easy; because it’s usually dictated by budget. 

At the top end ($30k+) we’d be heading towards a Trackman, or a Foresight GCQuad setup ($14K+); these are professional level launch monitors. 

But what about us mere mortals that don’t have a 5-figure budget for a golf launch monitor? Well, that’s where SkyTrak comes into play.

Expect typical retailers to price the SkyTrak launch monitors around $2,000. And, if you want a SkyTrak golf simulator that bundles in the launch monitor, these sit in a reasonable price bracket of $3,500-8,000. A GCQuad golf simulator would set you back around $25k, with Trackman’s range at $50k and beyond.

SkyTrak have won Golf Digest’s best value golf simulator – two years in a row – and it’s easy to see why.

Got a budget for a golf launch monitor of under $2,000, or for a complete simulator below $10,000?

It’s a no-brainer. SkyTrak is going to offer the best on-screen shot analysis and accuracy (up to 98% as accurate as Trackman) for the money.

How much does SkyTrak cost?

The cost of a golf launch monitor can spiral out of control very quickly. For instance, the GCQuad we recently wrote about starts at $14,000 with Foresight’s FSX software, and rises to $20,500 with all add-ons included. A full golf simulator setup? Write a check for around $25k+ and it’s yours.

In terms of affordable golf launch monitors that actually work, SkyTrak are one of the best on the market. And you’ll be able to couple it with nets, mats and projectors to create a reasonably priced home golf simulator too.

SkyTrak launch monitor cost

Base cost on the SkyTrak launch monitor is $2,000, and that’s inclusive of the Basic Practice Range Plan. 

Looking to go to the next level? You’ll want to upgrade to either the Game Improvement Plan (+$250), or the Play & Improve Plan (+$350). We’ll discuss the features of both and if they’re worth the money in the next section. 

SkyTrak golf simulator cost

So, with a $2,000 base cost, how much should you expect a SkyTrak golf simulator to cost? 

Prices for simulator packages from SkyTrak start at around $3,500, rising to around $8,000. So, you’re talking around 80%+ cheaper than a Trackman golf simulator, even though accuracy from SkyTrak launch monitors are within 2%. A pretty-good deal in our opinion.

Gameplay plans

As the choice of launch monitor is usually dictated by budget, you might have already decided that the SkyTrak launch monitor is the unit you want to buy. But before you buy, you need to decide which is the right gameplay plan for you. 

Basic practice range plan (included)

At the most basic level, you’ll be getting tracking data via the free SkyTrak app. That gives instant ball data including ball flight, spin data, carry distance, club head speed and distance off center. You’ll get all that alongside a shot replay available in two different camera views.

skytrak range

That seems more than sufficient for the average golfer, so why bother spending an additional $250-350 on upgraded plans?

Game improvement plan (+$250)

Alongside everything on offer from the Basic Practice Range Plan, you’ll get a SkyTrak protective case, single & multiplayer challenges (longest drive and closest to the pin for instance), a skill assessment, data tracking your progress, weather settings, 5 (rather than 2) camera views and session history.

skytrak closest to pin

Multiplayer modes are also available here (up to a maximum of 6 players). More importantly for lefties, you can play in right or left hand.

You’ll be able to get more out of the SkyTrak launch monitor with the Game Improvement or Play and Improvement Plan. Particularly, you’ll be getting your money’s worth if you’re using the SkyTrak launch monitor as part of a home golf simulator. 

Bottom line: the Game Improvement Plan is worth the cash, whether you plan to use the SkyTrak as part of a golf simulator, or just at your local range.

Play and improve plan(+$350)

The Play and Improve plan is going to include everything mentioned above, but with access to 12 WGT courses. They include the likes of Wolf Creek, St. Andrews Old Course, and Pebble Beach.

skytrak wgt

Put simply. The Play and Improve Plan is only really worth the cash, if you plan to use the SkyTrak launch monitor as part of a golf simulator at home.

How accurate is SkyTrak?

For such a cheap launch monitor, it’s surprising how well the Skytrak – well – tracks. And, that’s because it uses a ton of measurements to recreate a perfect representation of your shot, and then displays that data.

Here’s how it all works…

How does a SkyTrak launch monitor work?

The SkyTrak launch monitor tracks your shots using cameras. On impact, the launch monitor will take super high-speed images. The images are quickly fed back to SkyTrak’s software, which then works out datasets which includes everything from clubhead speed to back spin and carry distance.

What it tracks

  • Post shot ball speed and launch angle
  • Total distance
  • Carry, roll and offline distance
  • Side and back spin
  • Side angle
  • Flightpath and angle of descent
  • Clubhead speed

You’re simply not going to get that level of accuracy with a basic $500-$1,000 launch monitor. And, the same applies for a golf simulator using a cheap launch monitor (so, a golf simulator with a cost of around $2,000).

You’ll be missing crucial measurements, meaning you’re not learning, you’re just playing; might as well bust out the PS5 instead and save yourself a few bucks. 

It makes sense to budget at least $2,000 for a quality launch monitor like the one from SkyTrak. And, for an extra $1,500 (so around $3,500 total), you could dive in and get a full SkyTrak golf simulator setup like this one.

Accuracy: SkyTrak vs Trackman

SkyTrak has completed its own robust robot testing using their launch monitors, and the results are impressive. They found readings were within 2% of what Trackman was reporting; that’s pretty accurate given that Trackman is renowned for being the industry benchmark in terms of measurements and tracking for golf simulators. 

And, it’s even more remarkable when you consider a launch monitor from Trackman is around 10x the price. Ouch!

Kane Cochran of WRX covered the differential in accuracy between SkyTrak vs Trackman here, so we won’t bother repeating what he’s already done a good job of explaining…it’s worth a read.

SkyTrak reviews

When spending any amount of money, it’s worth having a quick scout at any online reviews. And, that’s exactly what we did here. 

The result? We found dozens of positive online reviews. Want to check out what users of the SkyTrak launch monitor are saying? Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page for reviews…they’re rating the SkyTrak 4.5/5 stars.

SkyTrak software: compatible with… everything.

A lot of launch monitors (even expensive ones) are only compatible with iOS and Android…slightly annoying and a little limited.

The SkyTrak software is compatible with iOS, Android, and PC. And given how small and lightweight it is, — alongside it being wireless — this means you can hook it up wherever you want, to whatever you want; indoors or outdoors.

Wrapping it up: Is a SkyTrak launch monitor worth the money?

We’re a big fan of launch monitors, the SkyTrak ones in particular. Whether you want one as part of a virtual golf simulator to enjoy and improve at home, or to take to the driving range to improve your game; they’re worth the cash.

In terms of price point, tracking ability and overall features (especially with the Game Improvement or Play and Improve add-on), the SkyTrak launch monitor offers plenty of bang for your buck. 

Just want the launch monitor to hook up to your Android or iOS device? You can grab that here from $2k

Want to go all in and buy a SkyTrak home golf simulator? You can do that here, with prices starting from $3,500.

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