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TruGolf simulator guide: cost & which one should you buy?

Trugolf simulator packages are one of the most overlooked in the golf simulator market today. Although in our main golf simulator guides they’re not featured a ton (our data suggests people are looking for sub $10k packages), they do offer excellent value for money. 

Below we’ll include details on TruGolf simulator packages, and where to buy ensuring you get the best deal online. The TruGolf simulator packages we’ll cover below include:

  • TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator 
  • TruGolf Vista 8X, 10X & 12X (using the TruTrack 2 launch monitor)
  • TruGolf APOGEE

TruGolf Simulator Deals

There are a ton of online stores that have golf simulators for sale. However, TruGolf is a very niche brand, so finding the best deals isn’t exactly easy. From digging around, we’ve found the best deals come from Top Shelf Golf, Rain or Shine Golf and Shop Indoor Golf for the TruGolf Vista 10X, Vista 12X and the Apogee simulator. 

If you’re looking for the best deals on the TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator, we’d be heading directly to Amazon. Although, it’s worth comparing prices with the 3 retailers mentioned above just in case they have a special offer on.

TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator 

trugolf swing stick

The TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator is compatible with E6 CONNECT simulator software. However, we’d label it more of a swing speed analyzer than a simulator given it’s a swing stick with a sensor, rather than a full on launch monitor.

But as swing speed analyzers go it’s a good one, allowing you to review after every shot. If you’re looking to practice golf at home without breaking the bank, then this it’s one of the better options out there.

Although we should stress that this is not comparable to the cost of a proper golf simulator setup. The TruGolf Mini is not a launch monitor. You won’t hit balls with it (even whiffle balls). Which of course means you won’t need a hitting mat, nets, or enclosure. Technically you could rig up a projector and screen, but it seems that at that point, there are other (better) options available to you, detailed in our guide to the best home golf simulators here.

If you want a real golf simulator from TruGolf, then you’re going to be looking at the TruGolf Vista Series, or, the TruGolf APOGEE that we’ve covered below.

What’s included when you buy a TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator:

  • TruGolf Mini launch monitor
  • Impact trainer
  • Bluetooth adapter (5.0)
  • PC and mobile licenses for 5 courses, which includes a 1 year subscription.

TruGolf Vista 8X, 10X & TruGolf Vista 12X 

If you’ve read up on any review of the TruGolf Vista simulator and launch monitor, you’ll know it’s a HUGE step up in comparison to the TruGolf Mini, which as we said above is really designed to be a bit of fun and a bit of swing analysis. The TruGolf Vista on the other hand is a proper launch monitor and golf simulator.

The TruGolf Vista 8X, 10X and 12X simply reference the difference sizes (the 10X being bigger than the 8X). At time of writing, TruGolf Vista simulator package prices are much of a muchness. 

The only thing you’ll need to check on each deal is whether or not the simulator computer and software is included, or an optional upgrade, as this is going to make a difference to the cost (in the thousands of dollars range).

In terms of cost, expect to pay around $10,000-$11,000 for the Vista 8X, around $13,000 for the Vista 10X and roughly $15,000 for the Vista 12X.

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy a TruGolf Vista simulator package:

  • TruTrack 2 launch monitor and tracking system
  • 1 year basic software subscription
  • 720P HD simulator projector
  • Premium green turf
  • A portable golf simulator enclosure
  • 2 year warranty

As mentioned, generally the gaming/simulator computer and software such as E6 Connect being included or not, is what’s going to make the biggest difference your TruGolf simulator cost.

And, here’s the size guide for each package:

TruGolf Vista 8X

Size: 9’W x 12’D x 8’H

TruGolf’s recommended sim room size: 15’W x 20’D x 10’H

TruGolf Vista 10X

Size: 9’W x 12’D x 8’H

TruGolf’s recommended sim room size: 15’W x 20’D x 10’H

TruGolf Vista 12X

Size: 12’W x 14.9’D x 8.8’H

TruGolf’s recommended sim room size: 15’W x 20’D x 10’H

TruGolf APOGEE Simulator

apogee golf simulator with turf and hitting mat

The TruGolf APOGEE is the flagship launch monitor in their range. The price of the TruGolf Apogee launch monitor is $11,500 retail. For that you’ll get:

  • APOGEE golf launch monitor
  • A calibration template and laser level
  • CAT6 cable, power cable
  • Mounting hardware and a ceiling mount
  • Installation manual
  • E6 CONNECT software including a product key.

If you’re looking at a full TruGolf APOGEE simulator package, the price is going to depend on the size and optional extras you choose. 

Currently, there’s not a huge amount of difference between the smallest (APOGEE 8), mid size (APOGEE 10) and the largest simulator, the APOGEE 12. The cost varies from just under $17,000 to just over $18,000. Essentially, that means going for the biggest APOGEE simulator enclosure you can fit in your sim room.

TruGolf Simulator Guide FAQ

How much does the TruGolf APOGEE cost?

The APOGEE launch monitor costs $11,500 including E6 CONNECT simulator software. An APOGEE golf simulator costs from $17,000-$18,000.

What launch monitor does the TruGolf Vista simulator use?

The TruGolf Vista simulator range uses TruGolf’s TruTrack 2 launch monitor.

How much does the TruTrack 2 cost?

You won’t find the TruTrack 2 for sale on many (if any) online sim stores. It’s packaged into a golf simulator called the TruGolf Vista.

Is TruGolf a good golf simulator brand?

TruGolf is one of the best golf simulator brands in the world, alongside others such as: FlightScope, SkyTrak, Foresight Sports, Uneekor and Trackman.

Which software do I need for TruGolf simulators?

TruGolf simulators use E6 CONNECT golf simulator software.

Which is the best TruGolf golf simulator?

The best overall TruGolf simulator in terms of value is the Vista. You’ll be able to get the smallest Vista simulator package for around $11,000 which is the Vista 8X. The price of the Vista 10x is around $13,000 and the 12X is around $15,000. At the point of the 12X, we’d suggest heading for the APOGEE instead.

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