just another day engraining my transition in the back garden...
just another afternoon engraining my transition in the back garden…

Hi, I’m David McSweeney, one of the co-founders of Golfer Logic.

Let me level with you:

I’m NOT a golf pro.

But what I am is REAL.

I’m not a stock photo (like the faces behind some other golf sites)… I’m a golf obsessed amateur just like you.

(you found this site by Googling for golf tips right?)

And when I’m not out on the course, I’m trawling through YouTube and GolfWRX, looking that one swing tip that will revolutionize my game.

Have I found it yet?

Well… no. Because let’s be honest, IT DOESN’T EXIST

There’s no secret. There’s no magic bullet.

(sorry Hogan fans)

But by taking a logical approach to learning the game (and putting in the hard work) we can build a swing that will go right more often than it goes wrong.

Bob Rotella said it best, “golf is not a game of perfect”.

But at Golfer Logic we’re here to help you be the best golfer you can be.

See you on the first tee!

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