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How much does a TrackMan cost? [plus the two best TrackMan 4 alternatives]

Wondering how much a TrackMan launch monitor costs?

No need to beat about the bush, we’ll give you the quick answer. While you’ll see prices quoted anywhere from $18,995 to $25K, the actual starting price of TrackMan 4 is $21,495.

That TrackMan 4 cost is straight from the horse’s mouth (TrackMan’s own website).

TrackMan 4 price

Can you get a TrackMan 4 launch monitor for cheaper? Maybe, but you won’t find any specialist retailers selling it online in the USA. No simple add to carts to be found, you’ll need to fill in a form on TrackMan’s website if you want to get hold of one. Yikes.

We don’t know about you, but we’re all about simplicity. And a form and telling TrackMan “a little bit about ourselves” is just too much of a headache. Particularly when there are cheaper alternatives to TrackMan around that are just as reliable.

So now you know the price of TrackMan, let’s get on to those alternatives.

Is TrackMan still the best launch monitor?

Kind of.

It’s certainly the industry leader. And it’s going to be the launch monitor/golf simulator used in most driving ranges up and down the country.

Additionally, most other launch monitors will benchmark themselves against TrackMan 4.

But it’s certainly no longer the most widely used launch monitor on the PGA tour. Check out footage from any range pre-round and you’ll see most pros warming up with a Foresight GCQuad beside them.

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Why Foresight’s GCQuad is a better option than TrackMan 4

Foresight GCQuad

TrackMan has been around for ages. Which means it’s got that first mover advantage. Ask most golfers to name a launch monitor, and most of them will reply “TrackMan”.

But Foresight’s GCQuad is pretty much matching TrackMan on distance specs. And due to its quad camera technology (which captures the club through impact) it’s beating it on club metrics (face angle, angle of attack etc).

Which is why most pros on the tour have switched to Foresight over the past few years.

And as a bonus, Foresight’s GCQuad, complete with FSX2020 (their simulation software) is coming in at least $7,000 cheaper than TrackMan.

It’s not cheap. But primary school math tells us that $14,000 is a lot less than $21,495.

Which is why we’d be heading for Foresight GCQuad rather than a TrackMan.

You can order one here

Bonus: Save even more with a Foresight GC3

foresight gc3 and gcquad

Perhaps recognizing that $14K is still a bit too rich for most golfers, Foresight launched a more consumer friendly launch monitor in 2021, the Foresight GC3.

And the thing is, it’s pretty much exactly the same as the GCQuad, it just has one less camera and a few less stats.

So if you don’t need pinpoint accuracy (but believe us, the Foresight GC3 is still insanely accurate) you can pick up a GC3 for just $7,500. That’s pretty much a third of the price of TrackMan4.

And as a double bonus, if you don’t need to see your stats on a screen (i.e. you’re happy just to read them off the top of the launch monitor), you can pick up a Bushnell Launch Pro for just $3,500.

And guess what? The Bushnell Launch Pro literally is the GC3. Foresight and Bushnell are owned by the same parent company. It just doesn’t come bundled with the FSX (which you can add separately later and end up at the same price).

In summary

If you really want a TrackMan 4, the price starts at $21,495. You can fill in the form, wait for a reply, and (hopefully) eventually get to order it here.

But we’d be opting for one of:

  • Foresight GCQuad (comparable accuracy to TrackMan on distance, better clubhead metrics)
  • Foresight GC3 (slightly less accurate than the GCQuad, but still crazy accurate)
  • Bushnell Launch Pro (the same thing as the GC3 at half the price, but no FSX software)

For more launch monitor choices, check out our guide to the best launch monitors in 2024 here.

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