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Golf hitting nets:’s top picks for 2023

Looking for a golf hitting net, but not sure which is right for you? In this guide we’ve picked out the 5 best golf hitting nets for 2023, from a list of 22 we’d shortlisted everything from cheap through to home simulator nets.

Your choice of hitting net is going to be defined by three factors:

  1. Purpose
  2. Space
  3. Budget
net return pro
Our top pick for 2023, the Net Return Pro V2

For example, if you’re looking to build a home golf simulator setup, there’s no point forking out the $$$ for an expensive launch monitor, then pairing it with a cheap hitting net that’s going to burst on you after a couple of months.

And on the flip side, if you’re just looking to work on your short game at home by chipping some balls into a net in your living room, an inexpensive pop-up practice net might be all you need.

Generally, we’ll be focusing on the higher end hitting nets (after all this is a guide to the best hitting nets, and they are the best), but we’ll include a budget option for golfers who fit into the category above.

We’re also heavy on Net Return, who account for three out of our five picks. But again, that’s because they quite simply make the best nets.

Summary: which golf hitting net is right for you?

So before we get to the full reviews, let’s quickly summarize.

Our top pick is the Net Return Pro Series V2. It’s the perfect all rounder, can handle ball speeds of up to 225mph (for reference Bryson maxes out at 211mph), is easy to assemble, and is the perfect choice for a home simulator setup. The Net Return Pro V2 retails at $895, but is regularly on sale here.

Our second choice is the Net Return Home Series. It’s slightly smaller than the Pro Series — 7 x 7 x 3’6″ as opposed to 7’6 x 8′ x 3’6″ — and it’s also around $100 cheaper. The Home Series can handle ball speeds of 200mph, and given the PGA tour average is around 170mph, that’s going to be more than sufficient.

And if the Net Return Home is still a little too big for your space, we also like the Net Return Mini Series, which is a more compact 6′ x 5′ x 3’6″, and (as there’s less of it) is the cheapest setup in the Net Return family. 

Generally, the Net Return hitting nets are best suited for indoor use (although they’re rust-proof so can be used outdoors too). So if you’re looking for a specific hitting net for outdoors, we’d recommend a more “cage like” setup. And the Cimarron Masters is our top choice here.

And finally, for those on a budget, we recommend the 9x7x3ft Rukket Haack Golf Net Pro.

Online stores that have golf hitting nets for sale

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The best golf hitting nets in 2023

  1. Net Return Pro Series V2 – best all round golf hitting net for 2023
  2. Net Return Home Series V2  – best golf practice net for indoors
  3. Net Return Mini Pro Series – best compact golf net 
  4. Cimarron Masters – best hitting net for outdoors
  5. Rukket Haack Golf Net Pro – best budget practice net

1. The Net Return Pro Series V2 – best all round golf hitting net for 2023

net return pro

Since The Net Return started producing golf nets (that actually return the ball to you) back in 2012, they’ve gone from strength to strength. Whether you want one for your backyard, or as part of a home golf simulator, their nets are among the most sought after in the industry. 

And if you have the space, The Net Return Pro Series V2 is the one you need.

It goes without saying that the ball return feature is the most important for the Pro Series (and all Net Return golf nets for that matter). It really does return the ball to you time-after-time, which is a big time saver.

net return pro dimensions

Dimensions wise, the Pro Series V2 is 7’6 x 8′ x 3’6″, so you’ll need plenty of floor space. And once set up, you’ll be able to punish the net. It comes with a 250,000 shot / 1 year warranty and you’ll be able to hit it with ball speeds of up to 225mph; so swing speed is limited by you, rather than the net’s durability. Basically, unless you’re planning on entering the World Long Drive Championship this year, there’s no way you’re going to break it.

Although this golf hitting net is designed primarily for indoor use, its rustproof aluminum frame and the fact it only weighs 28lbs, means it can be used indoors, in your garage, and outdoors too!

M.S.R.P on the Pro Series V2 is $895, however, it’s regularly advertised on sale, at $795.

If you want a top quality golf practice net for under $1000, The Net Return Pro Series V2 is the one for you.

2. The Net Return Home Series V2 – best golf practice net for indoors

net return home

There’s little difference between The Net Return Home Series V2, and the Pro V2 mentioned above. Really, we’re just looking at price (a bit less), weight (a touch lighter) and size (a bit smaller). 

So if you’re looking for an indoor golf practice net, but want something that takes up a little less room than the Pro Series V2 hitting net mentioned above, then the Home Series V2 is where you need to be looking.

Whereas the Pro sits at 7’6 x 8′ x 3’6″, the Home Series is 7 x 7 x 3’6″. And you’ll also save around $100 on the Home Series over the Pro. 

net return home dimensions

The main downside to the Home Series is, although smaller, it’s not actually much lighter. The Pro weighs in at 29lbs, whereas the Home Series golfing net is 26lbs. So, it’s not exactly much easier to move around, but commonly used as part of a DIY golf simulator enclosure.

That said, it comes with the same 1 year / 250,000 shot warranty, can handle ball speeds of up to 225mph and is also made of rustproof aluminum. So it can be used inside, but will last when used outside too.

3. The Net Return Mini Pro Series – best compact golf net

net return mini

If it’s not become obvious by now, we’re big fans of The Net Return; they offer the best golf nets globally. 

Put simply, The Net Return product you need is dictated by the size you need. Pro Series for those with plenty of space, then head for the Home Series. And finally, for those needing the most compact net of the three you’ll want the Mini Pro Series golf net. Cost difference is actually minimal.

The Mini Pro Series is just 6′ x 5′ x 3’6″, a far cry from the 7’6 x 8′ x 3’6″ of the Pro V2, and still quite a bit smaller than the 7 x 7 x 3’6″ on offer from the Home Series V2.

4. Cimarron Masters – best hitting net for outdoors

So, The Net Return range gets our vote for the best golf nets for indoors. But, which is the best golf net for outdoors? Whilst The Net Return Pro V2, Home and Mini Pro Series can be used outdoors, if that’s where you prefer to practice and you won’t be using this for a home golf simulator, we’d be heading straight for the Cimarron Masters golf net. 

Well, we say net. The Cimarron Masters is actually a net, with a huge frame, so is more of a cage than a simple golf hitting net. 

You’ll need a ton of room to install the Cimarron Masters outdoor golf net. The smallest of the two frame sizes is 10′ x 10′ x 10′. The biggest? A whopping 20′ x 10′ x 10′. 

The frame tubing is 1” thick. And while that’s a little thinner than The Net Return frames mentioned above, bear in mind the Cimarron Masters outdoor golf net is steel, not aluminum, so it’s incredibly sturdy.

5. Rukket Haack Golf Net Pro – best budget practice net

Finally, for those on a budget we’ve picked out the Rukket Haack Golf Net Pro.

It’s not the cheapest golf practice net around. But it’s under a third of the price of the Net Return Pro nets, and while affordable, still meets the quality standards we’d be looking for in a hitting net.

No fancy ball return. But a net that’s designed to take a beating and is backed by a “fair play” lifetime guarantee. In other words, as long as you’re not doing anything crazy (firing golf balls out of a cannon?) the Haack Pro will last, and Rukket will replace it if it doesn’t.

The net is 9’ x 7’ x 3’ so it’s also a decent size, includes a hitting target, and comes packed in a travel bag.

Generally, we’d recommend not going any cheaper than the Rukket Haak. A golf ball is flying anywhere from 120-170mph, and cheaper nets just aren’t going to last. But, caveat emptor and all that, if you really want something cheap and cheerful (and aren’t bothered about longevity) this one from Champkey will probably do the trick.

Ready to buy your golf practice net?

So, that’s it. If you’re looking for the all round best golf hitting net, head for The Net Return Pro Series V2

If you’re looking for a smaller net, the Home Series V2 is an option, or the Mini Series Pro (which is the smallest of the three).

Looking for a large outdoor golf practice net? The Cimarron Masters golf net and cage is where we’d be putting our money.

Or, looking for a full setup including a net? Check out our guide to home golf simulators here, and our guide to used simulators for sale here. 

Golf Practice Net FAQ

How much does a golf net cost?

Cheap golf hitting nets cost as little as $100. However, a quality net that’s going to withstand powerful shots, is going to sit somewhere in the $700-1,500 range. A budget of around $800 should secure you a quality golf practice net.

Can I use a golf net in my backyard or garage?

Yes, many golf practice nets are multi purpose, so can be used inside, in your backyard or garage. For instance, The Net Return Pro Series V2 is light enough to move outdoors, yet small enough to use in conjunction with your home golf simulator setup.

How much space do I need for my indoor golf net?

A typical indoor golf simulator setup using a golf net will require a floor space of approximately 10ft by 10ft. And, you’ll need a space for your net of around 7ft high, 7ft wide and 4ft deep (depending on the type of net you choose to buy).

What else do I need to build a home golf simulator?

If you’re looking to build a home golf simulator, you’re on the right track. Alongside your golf net, you’ll need a launch monitor, simulator software and a hitting mat (as a minimum).

Read our guide to DIY golf simulator costs here, as there are some additional extras that make a home simulator setup much better (but aren’t essential).

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