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5 Websites To Buy Used Golf Simulators (avg 30.75% saving)

If you’re looking for used golf simulators for sale this guide is going to explain where you buy, how much you’re likely to save, and if savings on a secondhand setup is worth it when compared to buying new.

In summary: should you buy a used home golf simulator?


Come across before? You’ll know we’re big into golf simulators.

We’ve covered a ton of sim reviews like the $2k SkyTrak launch monitor, GCQuad (full sim setups here cost in the $20k range). And of course our guides to DIY home simulators, plus this detailed one covering simulator packages.

But these write-ups focus on new sims, not used. We found that on average you can save 30.75% by buying used golf simulators rather than new ones. And if you know where you look, you’ll find them from leading brands such as Uneekor, Bushnell, SkyTrak, Foresight and even TrackMan.

So, what’s the verdict? Well, in our guide to used golf clubs here, the verdict was very much “yes, do it”. With used simulator prices are not so clear cut. 

Reason 1: Grading

With used golf clubs, there’s a whole industry focused on it. Shops like Global Golf and 2nd Swing grade their clubs, and their businesses rely on the consistency of that grading. In a sense, you can trust what they’re selling is exactly what they say it is.

With used golf simulators, you’re digging through items all over the web – mostly from private sellers – and you could be left holding a bag of parts.

Reason 2: Savings

As an example, you’ll see in our golf club guide, the average saving on Callaway was 37.23% which is a huge chunk. Compare that to the average used golf simulator for sale, which stands at just a 30.75% saving…it’s not really a risk worth taking (opinion). 

This is an average of what I found. A single item (SkyTrak on Golf Simulator Forum) was actually 45% saving…and that would tempt me.

Reason: Tech & its longevity

Buying any used tech is risky, and that’s certainly the case with a golf launch monitor, the heart of your sim. 

The average 30.75% saving on a pre owned item just isn’t worth the hassle. And of course…there are no returns.

We’d personally be headed for a new package from a leading sim retailer. The leading ones being:

Shops with new golf simulators for sale

Looking for a recommendation? Carl’s Place is one of the best value golf simulator websites for both package deals and DIY sim builds.

Simulator storeLink
Carl's PlaceCarl’s Place Golf (best value)
The Indoor Golf Shop Shop Indoor Golf
Top Shelf Golf Top Shelf Golf
Rain or Shine Golf Rain or Shine Golf

Where to find used golf simulators for sale

If you’re still set on finding a used golf simulator for sale rather than buying new, these are the websites you need to be looking at. And so we can compare apples to apples, I’ve focused on finding deals specifically for SkyTrak (launch monitor only). 

You’ll also see that the sims for sale right now aren’t all that’s available. Some of the best deals on used sims come from posting wanted ads (see the Golf Simulator Forum and Golf WRX forum mentions below).

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1. Global Golf

Deal at time of writing: 20% off SkyTrak (launch monitor only)

Global Golf needs no introduction. We mentioned them a ton of times in our used golf club guide, simply as they offer some of the best prices online. 

The lower-end launch monitors they certainly have used ones for sale more regularly than mid-premium brands. But from time to time you’ll see decent used simulator prices on the likes of SkyTrak, Bushnell Launch Pro, Garmin R10 and the Full Swing KIT.

The used SkyTrak golf simulator / launch monitor for sale on Global Golf for $1,595 represents a 20% saving off MSRP…not bad.

2. 2nd Swing

Deal at time of writing: 13% off SkyTrak+ (launch monitor only)

We’re huge fans of the SkyTrak, and for 2023 they launched the SkyTrak+. I wasn’t expecting to see discounted ones for quite a while…but here we are. 

2nd Swing has an “opened box” SkyTrak+ for sale. Essentially, you’re getting a used price, but a brand new item and with the backing from a huge company like 2nd Swing and still inclusive of SkyTrak’s warranty? At $2,595 rather than $3k, that’s a great deal.

3. Golf Simulator Forum

Deal at time of writing: 45% saving on SkyTrak w/metal case, $1100 OBO

As the name suggests, the Golf Simulator Forum is dedicated to…

If we’re going to try and find a deal on a launch monitor or used home golf simulator package, this is where we’d be spending our time. 

As you can see here, the SkyTrak golf launch monitor at $1100 OBO offer was literally the first post on the page, and there are a ton of other great deals. We can see there have been a couple of listings for SkyTrak used simulators in the past too.

Specific communities like this always tend to be more trustworthy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay vigilant. 

4. Golf WRX

Deal at time of writing: none currently, post a “wanted” ad

It’s actually rare you’ll see used golf simulators for sale on Golf WRX classifieds forum. 

However, we would certainly spend 2 minutes writing up a wanted ad. If you have a launch monitor brand, enclosure size and budget in mind, that’s going to help users determine if what they have for sale is suitable for you. It also makes you look like someone that’s serious about buying what they have for sale.

So head to the GOLF WRX “Wanted” forum here. Then write up a post with something along the lines of:

Title: Looking for a used golf simulator from [brand of launch monitor] under [$budget]

5. eBay

Deal at time of writing: used SkyTrak launch monitor and golf simulator 45% off MSRP

I’ll be honest…you won’t find many complete used home golf simulators for sale on eBay. Typically, I’m seeing 1-2 a month for sale. But does that mean eBay is a waste of space for golf simulator buyers? Absolutely not. You can start searching deals right now.

There is one thing eBay is useful for; building a used DIY golf simulator. Within a few minutes and clicking about (selected “used” from the filters on the left or clicking “filters” on mobile), I’d found a ton of great kit that could be used as part of a DIY simulator.

To provide an example I looked for some used golf mats, in particular golf hitting mats. Instantly I found a SIGPRO Softy hitting strip (MSRP $199.99) for $125, and it’s basically in brand new condition. This is a decent find, as generally used golf hitting mats are going to be worn out.

But, back to comparing apples with apples.

Unless you want to get involved in bidding wars, it seems $1100 on eBay is the low-end for used SkyTrak launch monitors as that’s the exact price the SkyTrak (original, not the new Plus model) is selling for. 

Again, stay vigilant; make sure you check the condition of any item you bid on/buy, ask questions and be sure to check the seller’s feedback.

Ready to grab yourself a home golf simulator?

Buying used golf simulators is certainly a way to save money short term, but we’re not seeing a big industry for used golf simulators being sold by sim specific retailers. That means you’re mostly looking at private deals (apart from a launch monitor or two listed on Global Golf and 2nd Swing).


  • Be vigilant when making deals on online forums or classifieds websites
  • Remember that there’s only so many hours a launch monitor or complete simulator will last, so make sure you’re getting a discount that means buying used really makes sense
  • If you’re unsure of the quality or MSRP of the sim you’re buying secondhand, check out our golf simulator guide.
The Complete Sim Buyer's Guide.
Golf simulator guide
Ever wondered how much a home golf simulator costs, the space you need or which one is the best? Wonder no more... Read our buyer's guide, put together using data from over $1.5M of simulator referred sales.
Read our golf sim guideBuild a DIY sim on Carl's Place Golf
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
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